XBox Warzone 2

I want to buy an XBox console so I can play Warzone 2. Does anyone have experience playing Warzone 2 in Kenya and how is the overall experience? What are the technical challenges to expect? I understand you have to have a strong internet connection so which is the best provider. I also need TV technical specs and guidance on the ideal XBox console model for this.

filthy console peasants…heneway… competitive shooters are best played on PC25f.png

I’m not looking to buy a gaming PC coz it will be more expensive than buying the console. I only need it to play Warzone and maybe Forza…

Anza na DMZ then go to Battle Royale and also consider buying the whole game whough I hear another Warzone is on the way this year so you can wait.Ukianza na Battle Royale straight you will be killed even before you land on the ground at the beginning part. The playstation network in Kenya is massive so you are likely to meet more players from Kenya. For XBox you will mostly play with Indians and Arabs and rarely will you meet Kenyans but your skill level will grow massively playing on away ground.Nunua the rechargable batteries if you go for the Xbox.Overall Xbox is a nice console. TV get a nice 4k TV with Dolby Atoms and a refresh rate above 60 HZ for a great experience or better buy a gaming monitor.Internet 20mbps ile ya safaricom is reasonable.

Okay Warzone 2.0 supports 4K/120fps so basically the TV you need MUST have:

  1. HDMI 2.1
  2. ALLM
  3. Free-sync/ VRR
  4. 120Hz
    If you are on a budget then the TV choice boils down to Hisense U7H/G and TCL C735… both cost around 70k for a 55 inch.

Kumbe hapa kijiji kuna gamers. Itabidii @uwesmake tukuwe na ligi ya football league. Based on cash reward hio ligi ikuwe kama EPL. Where every players has some reward