Xbox Series X gameplay reveal a sh*tshow

Microsoft’s XSX gameplay reveal about 2 days ago can rightfully be described as a PR disaster. Gamers were left underwhelmed when they feverishly tuned in on the Xbox livestream, eager for some Assasin’s Creed:Valhalla gameplay, only to be served up with 90 secs of a cinematic trailer disguised as “gameplay”. “Next-gen” graphics from other games revealed were equally underwhelming as well, with many questioning whether there were any visual improvements over current generation systems. What’s your thoughts? Are you still excited for next-gen? Have you given up on Xbox?

You know this was just a preview…Halo infinite wasnt even shown…tuliza…xbox gang we git this next gen…I enjoyed the spooky scorn preview…got my eyes open for it…pun intened… Watu was PS mulie kwa choo
Cant wait to play as a woman trannying as a man…ND really shitted worse than Halo 4 n 5 combined

As you have correctly stated, Xbox still has some amazing first party titles cooking…like Forza, Gears, Halo and Ori. What I was not impressed with were the graphics. Definitely not good. If 12 teraflops XSX looks like this, what about 9 teraflops PS5? Anyway, if we can kick Covid and my wallet recovers, I will get both consoles.

The devs and games were small scale…there is one with one dev only …memory sumthing…anyways…Graphically these arent large studios apart from ubisoft and codemasters all the rest did good…anyways forgot to put this vid