X-Trail 2014 (NT32) Service

Hello wangwana. Any recommendations for a legit place to buy parts and service this xtrail? I don’t want to risk with kawaya mechanics. Opinions from current or past owners please. NB: I’ve already bought the car so no advice about other model. Thanks.

Nissan Kenya, msa rd, Nairobi

Service yako ni 10k max, hiyo gari Haina story mob.
Enda city stadium and park next to a spare parts shop. Look for an elder mechanic.
Buy all parts from the shops around and don’t pay unless the parts have fit.
Lipa labour 1-2k max

Is it service A,B,C,D,enda Zayn motors pale lavington

Enda Grogon ama pale kirinyaga rd you will be well taken care of

Only a newbie will go to the dealer. Determine the parts that you need depending on the service, whether you need OEM parts, buy the parts from a reputable store eg CMS in Industrial Area (Toyota Kenya buys from CMS) and then get your regular mechanic to do the service. Avoid random mechanics and those petrol station oil change guys. Unless of course you have dealt with a specific petrol station guy and you know his work well. Going forward rely on yourself to diagnose (the internet is your friend) problems with the car. For Nissan always watch the CVT, ignition coils and coolant levels- both at the radiator and refill bottle.

Be very careful with the gearbox oil. They have a specific oil for that. I made mistake on mine and I liked to regret it.