X Box One Vs Playstation 4 - Hard core gamers, kujeni hapa

So wanted to buy one of these consoles. I was wondering gani ndio timum hapa in terms of games availability in kenya and performance and also repairs incase anything goes wrong. Halafu shops where I can buy either new or second hand.

Is second hand advisable kweli? Also, any other consoles I may consider would be welcome advice…

publishers release games for all the platforms unless the platform owner owns the publisher then the games are an exclusive to a platform

I would go for the PS4, most of the titles I like are only available on this platform. Just imagine getting an Xbox and never playing games Kama uncharted, last of us, God of war, Spiderman. Just to name a few

just imagine not playing Forza, Halo, Ashen, Gears of war, Ori just to name a few

Meffi microsoft boot licker

Right now is actually a good time to buy a PS4. It has over 2000 games, it has been revised a couple or so times so it runs much quieter. It has some very good games. That said, I’m about to spam D2.

wazee wakiambiwa wasimame, nyinyi mtasimama?

My fren, you are sorely mistaken if you think video games cater only to young teenagers only. There are games catered towards a more mature audience who generally tend to be casual gamers.

Besides, young campus girls luv to play this stuff these days :smiley:

my friend this is not the time to play games, this is not a time to be lazy…it is a time to stand up and fight for what is right and good.
take a look how the gvnmnt is destroying and dividing people…while you’re there gaming thinking that you have reached.

don’t follow illusions but, open your eyes and see what is going on.
don’t be dead, start living. for you were not brought into life to consume what is dead

Passing an hour or 2 playing video games is just another form of recreation my friend. I could have well spent the time drinking beer or playing tennis or spending time here on ktalk.

You have taken this whole video game thing completely out of context

gaming, drinking, playing tennis and spending time here on ktalk getting more drunk is what you see important in life?

Its a matter of recreation. Dont you do anything recreational in your life?

i feel pain when a people are suffering…if only i could help them all at once, but i know i will…i know the Most High will

Its all well and good wanting to help people. But take some time off to have a beer or 2 or take yourself to a nice restaurant for a meal. After that. continue helping people

well i won’t rest; i won’t waste my time

For you to help people better, you need to rest and reflect. Inaitwa unwinding and indulging in recreational activity.

I have had my best ideas on an issue when am indulging in activities that have nothing to do with the problem domain

One hr daily is enough for you to learn coding, we are looking for coders in this country we can’t find any, have you ever thought of writing you own game?

Sounds interesting. Am a software dev. So which games have you developed thus far?


Hehe. Thing is, most of these guys talk of game development but dont realize how difficult it is to penetrate that market.


Sure, there are a few people who come out of nowhere like that “Angry Bird” game but this is an exception. In game dev, unless you work for one of the big development companies or you have a brilliant game idea like the Halo franchise and adequate funding, forget about it!