Wycliffe Omwenga has been slaughtered!

Wycliffe Omwenga, a brother to Kevin Omwenga (the wash-wash guy) who was killed in Kilimani (media calls him “businessman”, has been found dead. Wycliffe was a key witness in the murder of his brother (Kevin).


Key witness in Kevin Omwenga case found dead

…crime pays

This was serious fraud…

I feel for their Mother, sasa ako na matanga ingine.

Looks like human life in Kwinya is less precious these days than that of an ordinary mongrel. This is sad

These were con men and thugs. Just like the Somali investor. Or the 4 car dealers who turned up in rivers. And the security analyst who disappeared in a coffee farm. And the Subaru man who got sprayed with bullets in Ruiru. Who knows if it’s the state or business rivals taking out the competition. Either way they have been dealt with permanently.

Thugs and Criminals should never retire comfortably. It set’s bad precedence to the society, it’s either they do a lengthy jail time or go 6 feet under.

Walitaka fast life ndio hio hapo…the only way unaeza iba safely kenya maybe as a hacker or politician which i dont advice .

@uwesmake will do everything in his power to delete this thread. Na utaambiwa reason ni : “immature content.” :D:D

Ama : “attacking innocent community”.

He is watching the responses from a distance. The guy deleted 6 harmless Masten Barasa threads. @uwesmake bana, udikteta nayo?

Yep someone always pays the price.

All high profiled murders the past two years were crime related except in the case of court witnesses . You die how you lived

Its a union of the two taking out problematic actors.

Gakuyo should also be eradicated