Wuhan clan banae..

Whole of Italy is under lockdown
Seria A suspended. [SIZE=1]CR7 akuje on loan Chelsea[/SIZE]
Champions League to be played in empty stadia.
LeBron James is not playing without fans.
Trump was in contact with someone who is under quarantine.

trump has the best intel in the world being supplied to him …so he aint that careless…knows the lines.Anyway,hii kitu itakuwa imesahaulika by May this year…na ule dem wa eric omondi italian ako?

It’s not that simple…for every 30 people who test positive for the virus, one will die. That’s a pretty significant number!

yeah…quite significant…lemme hope hapa kwa nyeuthis ratio ni 1:1000000

Oil prices have dropped by 30%. Usiangalie negativity pekee. Petrol Kenya ifike 70 bob/liter economy ipugwe boost

mafuta ata kufika 100 ni ngumu

lakini watu wapigekelele, maybe konyagi ataskia

flights from EU to U.S amenyonga pia for 30days but UK is good to go