Wueh! I thought potholes are made and developed only in Mombasa!

[SIZE=7]Bay Area roads are the worst in the nation, new report finds[/SIZE]

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Leslie Brinkley
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 06:08PM
OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) –
Potholes are costing Bay Area drivers a lot of money, and according to a new study we have some of the worst roads in the nation.

A drive up Harold Street in Oakland will rattle your teeth and shake up your bones. To say nothing of the damage being done to your car as it’s pounded by the pavement. It’s no surprise that the transportation research and innovation portal in Washington D.C. just named Bay Area roads as the worst in the nation.

In the Bay Area, the San Francisco-Oakland area, they have the roughest roads. 71-percent are in poor condition. Of course that’s not news for the drivers on those roads every day," said Carolyn Bonifas, Director of Research with TRIP.

“The potholes, oh man, it’s terrible. My tires here, it’s messing up my car, the potholes,” Robert White from Oakland said.

The study estimated the bumpy roads cost drivers over $1,000 a year in repairs and tires


That’s nothing, many potholes in Africa have roads.

acha Zako nanii

you never ngot his irony/sarca