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Watoto na pombe!

A senior magistrate was forced to postpone a court hearing after a suspect appeared in court drunk.
The suspect, Sharon Oparanya, arrived in court for a hearing drunk as a skunk.
She was to answer drunk driving charges after being arrested on Ngong road.


"Wait, wait! Why is she snoring in court? Is that someone sleeping in my court?" the principal magistrate posed.

The arresting officer replied that Oparanya was drunk. This prompted the Magistrate to direct that she be remanded in Custody to wait until tomorrow when she can answer the charges. According to the charge sheet filed in court by the Director of Public Prosecutor, Oparanya is accused that on September 22, 2022, at 7:35 am along Ngong road, being the driver of a motor vehicle registration number KDH 250R make Mercedes-Benz, did drive on a public highway under the influence of alcohol to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the said motor vehicle.

Working class

:D:D:D:D:D:D Hawa Dio wenye Kenya , eti drunk like skunk, she even outsnores jakom in a fukin court room :smiley:

Marc Benz KDH, Drunk, snores in court?.
Huyu alikesha akibugia. Mazingira tulivu na kimya cha koti kikaleta usingizi wa pono.

Huyu alikullishwa pishori na vijana wa kilimani

Maybe wants to prove yuko na medical condition…:wink:

Kenyan policemen are disgusting dimwitted arseholes. You have just arrested someone who according to you is unable to drive coz she is drunk, and still expect the lady to be coherent enough in court? Why not take the lady to the cells to sober up first? Umbwa zinafikiria with their bribe-taking arseholes. Must everything you do be calculated to embarrass us to the maximum?

You applaud inhumane treatment by the establishment at your own peril!

This is wrong and and the magistrate should have let this woman free for violating her civic liberties!
Is it so hard to summon a suspect for court at a later date of courts discretion?
Whats up with this need to humuliate fellow working man?