After this…

This one called me up and wanted help relocating…

The gentleman I am couldn’t let me let her down so I found some transport guy to come and help her move…
The new place was appealing and looked a little more expe than what we pay her… Then she tells me

“Leo unaspend night huku”, wtf I wanted to go watch Chelsea VS LILLE but… WTF I’d stream it… I got the wow sports app here and it a really nice one so…

I only watched first half and she was saying Kuja bed all through so I told her nakuja… I’ve never been so tensed… Girl was sleeping on my chest and my heart was racing… “why’s your heart bearing so fast” she asked… I didn’t hide saying I’m tensed and some I’m not used to this lies…
Insomnia… Then I held her and was moving my hand on there back when she held it thought she was gonna throw it away but she put it right on her left breast… My heart was thudding I’ve never felt this intense… I fucking wasn’t thinking…

mbwa takataka ghaseer

Najua umepata platform ya kuandika your fantasies lakini tupatie break ya 3 month intervals between episodes.


That’s pure happenings wanker

Kojoa ulale bloody furkin


Hehehe wanjala uweschieth niaje

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ulimulikwa na hio handle uka change

@HAWLETT is the same guy who gave the “Dildos Anonymous” speech… " I feel so used"…shenji

Ati jamaa alikuwekelea mkono kwa paja ukaanza kuhema juu ya nyege, WA WA WA Wamaeeee

next episode ulete April venye mutakuwa holiday.
umefanya holiday assignment?

Uta bedwet mpaka lini, kijana?

Si utakojoa kitanda kijana:D:D:D:D

haujasema poa aki ya nani