Wah! Asians will feed us cow-shit, monkey-shit etc after all these animals are worshiped by a considerably large part of their population.

tulichambua tukiwa na menelik II

I’d like to know the first guy who started this shyte.

eh, na tukasema hiyo kahawa ni safi.

Must be fucking expensive. Tracking down a Civet is no joke. They can live in your neighborhood and you will never encounter them

[SIZE=3]From Japan:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=7]Kuchikamizake-[/SIZE][SIZE=3][FONT=arial]is a kind of rice-based alcohol produced by chewing cooked rice and then spiting the resulting liquid into a container. The resulting mixture is then left to ferment, with the enzymes from the chewer’s saliva breaking down the carbohydrates in the rice to produce the alcohol.[/FONT][/SIZE]


Ali mama yoooooo. Ichieni

Kuna ingine pia ya elephants coffee, some jungu in kenya ameanza ku brew

Lakini hamuoni shida kula matumbo yenye tumavi kwa umbali?

Ssa munaona heri wale wanakula monkey and caterpillars.

Hehehe. All you need to know is where it shits :smiley:

@MISCHIEF unaitwa

The only Asians who don’t eat strange things are Indians although I saw in YouTube poor Indians eating rats.

wild rats are a delicacy apa kenya na sioni tofauti na the normal rats in our homes… my late grandpas bro alikua anakula panya hawa wa nyumbani so chill panya ni kitoweo hapa kwetu pia


Have you heard about panya buku?

:eek::D:DUko ufala, its cat shit uou cannot compare…