On 14 August 2016, multiple assailants raided the district of Rwangoma in the city of Beni which is located in North Kivu of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). … The incident is another in a series of massacres in Beni that have left over 700 people dead since October 2014.

… hii maneno ni mzito tu sana

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kenyan Bantus should go back and grab this land while instilling some democracy. look at all that greenery. My eyes hurt!!


Bookmarked. Will watch later on LT nikifika home

Bensouda haonagi Congo na Kivu, too complicated.

It is crucial to read the context:

Published on Feb 18, 2017
DATELINE: February 17, 2017 (Democratic Republic of the Congo - RDC / Bandundu region) - Grave images have emerged of a massacre of unarmed civilians in Kabeya Kamuanga Mwanza Lomba village in the Kasai by soldiers under the command of Joseph Kabila. The soldiers who speak Lingala and have FARDC outfits are here slaughtering the so-called militants of Kamwena Nsapu. It is a war crime, incontestably, and a crime against humanity. Here is the sequence of this massacre:
The video begins with armed soldiers saying that “they are not afraid to die, we will show them” They walk and in front of them they have UNARMED CIVILIANS who believe in witchcraft; The myth is that they can not be killed by bullets; However, the FARDC is asking them to open fire on civilians who had a stand off, it seems. “Look, they are dying,” the soldiers said in Lingala, the language of central Congo, as they blasted the civilians. “Watch how they get killed like animals.” After the initial volley, they go further and make sure that everyone is dead and does not fake their death - this is when additional shots are heard and seen. The soldiers then saunter up to the wounded, blasting them in the head with assault rifles from a few feet away. Many of the victims look young; several are women. None carry guns. FARDC soldiers then exclaim: “look that they have died that they are dead - make sure they are all dead” and that the FARC are still the law and kill everyone standing in the path. “We act by virtue of instruction and will continue / hunt / kill all those who stand in the way,” he says, adding that they are under the command of Major “Nyembo” and Major “Pitchou.” Human Rights Watch, Western diplomats and United Nations officials said they were investigating the video, which was consistent with United Nations reports this week of Congolese government soldiers ruthlessly crushing a local militia in the Kasaï-Central Province. Human rights activists said that the video was filmed by a Congolese government soldier who was part of the execution squad and that the soldier may have felt bad about what happened and leaked it to assuage his conscience. The camera was right behind the soldiers as they raised their rifles. The soldiers did not even take cover when they opened fire. Analysts said it was clear that the soldiers knew that their targets posed no threat. At least 13 bodies could be seen in the video. Lambert Mende, Congo’s information minister, said the video was not filmed in Congo, but possibly another African country, and that it was an attempt by nongovernmental organizations “to destroy the image of the D.R.C.”

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jamaa badala akule kuma anauwa kuma

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Those soldiers worked on those women before shooting them. Why do you think it’s only women who have their crotches showing? Wamekamua DF

Hii madness yote afadhali hata wangeachana na Mobutu arule na walete gradual reforms.


Mobutu Seseko. :smiley: When the country was known as Zaire

they were kicked from congo. the migration to east africa was influenced by conflicts over land

Kenyan bantus should go back home(kamba, kikuyu, kisii, meru, luhya…). What a sweet day that would be.

What’shappening here?
Soo sad

No one is indigenous in Kenya. Every kenyan came from some other place. Kenya si ya mama ya mtu.

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The relatives of the entitled tribes of Kenya at their best.

Wewe! Rudi Somali kama bado uko Eastleigh…

We know history dude. what’s your point again?

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Mbwa. Rudisha umeffi congo forest ama sudan.

you can’t rewrite history

@mujahideen nguruwe hii! Rudi Somali mavi ya ngamia wewe, konokono mzee, makamasi ya malaya msomali.

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wacha bangi. i’m a proto-bantu born and bred in bantuland.