WTF Meria

Police in Kiharu have arrested a young man in possession of over 50 “honey caps” that he has been stealing from cloth lines and breaking into houses.
Women have for a while been complaining of the loss of their panties.

Who the hell reported?

Wait for it…

Hehe sikua nimeona wazito

Uko na riot gear baba?

Leo una bahati boss…we are still tanking up on the caffeine n nicotine.

What happened to @culture ?
I miss his salon stories

Folks have.already chambuad hii maneno and concluded central Kenya women wear very bad panties.

You will not escape the “tuliona hii” brigade, acha waamuke.

kabla machar arudi juba.


Tuliona na Daudi Kabaka akitunga lyrics za Twisti Ni Pendo Langu.

Tuliona hii when satan was in kindergarten

Wakati Adam na Eve wakishonesha matawi…