Wtf is happening in laikipia?

Who’s holding you hostage? Siuende tu kivyako bila makelele miiingi :rolleyes:
‘Conservationists’ are racist land grabbers warudi Britain nonsense …

lazima ngombe zikule nami ninukishe kitunguu,ngombe hana hatia,hata hizo ngombe ni chakula pia

Maybe the ranchers should consider spraying a buffer zone in their land.

uncle nyap ni mjinga wa mwisho,kazi ni kuhara tu kwa matatu

There are some things that are just not done.

So how do you deal with invaders?

Exactly! Those are criminals and economic saboteurs and should be handled as such. Upuzi wa masquerading as desperate nomads haiwesmek.

sio kwa ubaya but hawa maasai herders they unleash their cows even in the estates, huoni binadamu mahali but ng’ombe zinakula fence yako vile zinataka hadi zishibe. dare you chase those cows away, you’ll see some camouflaged figure appear from the bushes somewhere shouting. saa hii wanangoja saa zile nyasi ya hay na silage imemea, then they unleash their cows ati ni ancestral land. this thing is political. the moment you see the likes of lempurkel complaining jua kuna jambo. they probably own the cows and just want to create a media frenzy.

I won’t even bother reading your comments because most of you have never set foot in laikipia but I’m also an expert in matters Antarctica though I’ve never been. Samburu herders are an entitled lot and when they see a healthy patch of grass, land ownership, title deeds and trespassing are just words.
Picture this, 400 herds of cattle invade your land where you’re rearing livestock and another part of the land you have a couple of acres of tomatoes. In a matter of hours uko na hasara ya millions but nobody cares.
Shit is real down here but apart from that kaincident, it’s all good… GGMU

It is culture. They should be supported in all means to sustain their nomadic life. It can turn into a tourist attraction in future.

He actually owns the herd that is part of the nuisance.

I once spoke to a civil servant akaniambia the reason Kenya in the 70s and 80s hakukuwa na hizi issues ni good Range management. Kuna corridors and such like terms and factors…I forgot. To be sincere pastoralists huwa na ujeuri sio ya kawaida. To argue that land yote ni yao ni upumbavu wa hali ya juu. The government also is terribly failing since kila kitu Kenya is being done based on political expediency. This will go on for a longtime. A disclaimer before mtu aanze kuongea vizi…I come from Nanyuki and I have interacted with maasais na samburus…

I know what you are saying… they perceive everything from a cow/shoats eye view ** Shoat -from sheep and goats

Your friend is Parr of the problem. just like we allocate space for social ameneties like toilet and parks, the same should be done to the indigenous community. Allocate them grazing fields leased out for them by the government.

I like you

Ruai is in no way part of Masai land. It’s in Machakos County not Kajiado.

This statement is nonsense, the police want to say that there was a gunfight, there were no reports of human injuries or deaths. Yaani the herders used the cows as shields, bullet ya polisi ilikua inagoga ng’ombe inarudi sio?

so kajiado is a part of central juu nyinyi mumejazana huko?one country ,one people

Sawa boss, they were shooting at walls. Happy now. [SIZE=1]Fokojembe wewe.[/SIZE]

Very well said.