Wtf is happening in laikipia?

What’s is more important Cops lives or cattle? If bandits use cattle as shields, should the cops just remain as sitting ducks and die.
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They haven’t condemned it meaning, they condone it. Anyway, the poster asked, politics aside what could be happening in Laikipia?

I ain’t profiling lakini kama kuna watu arrogant, ignorant and proud then they are the Maasai, Samburu and the Pokot…very difficult to reason with. But the government should shun the neglect and find long term solutions to their problems.


JUBILEE should just let us free wabaki na hizi mashida zao za ulafi, wizi, umalaya, na unyama peke yao

Noone supports killing or joking around with someone else’s livelihood,however people should learn to respect other people boundaries.Let alone maasai in Laikipia there are some grazing their flock within Kiambu and advertenly let them stray into peoples plots to graze ,when accosted they switch to primitivity.In Laikipia I am sure the victim provoked the incident

The numbers would most likely be exaggerated for obvious reasons. But for your 1st question we know what our policemen are capable of, recent events do not help their case.

I have set you free. Go wherever you want then the rest will follow. You are free.

the only thing you can set free is your malnourished family goat back in the village

comprehension is not ur forte!

vile @pamba atasema

Kichwa muzito, trying to detox.

Waafrika tuna shida… so these ‘hunt to extinction’ turned conservationists land grabbers ndio tunatetea badala ya kuwasaidia hawa wenzetu? We have to accept that not everybody wants to live in a slum in the city eti ni kuishi kisasa…this land belongs to us the natives

Hii ni siasa tu cows will fuk and give birth to more cows in no time .no need to emotionally attach yourself with animals

There’re better ways of animal husbandry, just as there are better ways of growing crops.

Why, I’d spray the maize and leave the gates open. Hawangewahi rudia.

Haishwo gathéé

I stand with herders

The morons even have the audacity to carry pliers with them to cut through barbed wire fencing.

He…he…no chills. However they are also known to kill those who resist the invasion especially the Samburu warriors who have AK 47 not spears and arrows. The misconceptions here is that they only raid white ranches. If they do that their embassies and foreign media would be active in a second. The most affected are small scale farmers who easily lose their whole crop in one raid.