Wtf is happening in laikipia?

Ladies and gentlemen regardless of your political leaning this is just wrong! Over three hundred cows shot bana! I have lived amongst herders and I know how they treasure cattle! The conflict between conservationists and herders is slowly slipping out of control and it’s high time it’s nipped in the bud!

This wazungus never bought these lands but their grandfathers grabbed them, they are idle lands and instead of govt helping the pastoralists to get water and pastures, they are busy protecting the inheritor of the land that belonged to kenyans.
No wonder when you go abroad these people treat africans as less humans.

@Malaika Firth give us your account on whats happunin

Juzi TZ wakachoma vifaranga ! Yaani makufuli in his wisdom aliona innocent chicks zinapose great danger to his economy!

This is sad considering livestock is the source of income though these pastoralists should be educated about proper pasture management.

when you refuse to speak against police brutality…

Hio mambo ya kufuga ngombe na mtu hana pasture ndio sijawahi elewa. They should only keep cattle they can efficiently graze on their communal lands without encroaching on ranches and peoples farms. Sasa hizo ngombe zao wanazifanya kuwa everyone’s problem mara ndio hizo tao ati ni grazing leaving sh!t everywhere. Pia wasonge na muda wajaribu other money making ventures

The other day we saw this people clad in police uniform destroy a boda boda, beat up the rider and passenger. I know our cops get frustrated by government . How do you feed a cop on biscuits and canned beans and expect him not to be frustrated?

my contribution is just one question, no, two actually; (i) would a small contingent of police officers, under the command of an inspector or NCO go maliciously shooting not ten or twenty animals but three hundred? ((ii) when the story broke Friday night we had three different herders each claiming to have lost “more than 200 animals” to the shooting…that in my silly head translates to more than 600. So how many animals were shot?

[SIZE=1]before nirukiwe for defending the police “even where they are wrong”, although i actually haven’t, wacha niungame dhambi ya kupenda kuuliza unpopular questions when we could swim with the current and condemn the police…[/SIZE]

You can take the land away, but there should be due process. Everyones’ side had to be considered. What you see now is the effect of people taking law into their own hands. The poor cannot win.

people should learn to respect other people’s properties!!

and btw RAT should be the last one to comment/condemn destruction of peoples property. I haven’t heard him call for a press conference to condemn the destruction of toilets in kibra, vandalism of water installations in kisumu, looting of tumaini supermarket in siaya, stoning of waren sacco matatus etc!

Neither has Uhuruto

and that’s why they haven’t taken the moral high ground like ur god ojinga of calling for a press conference to condemn just a bit of property destruction and not the whole lot.

These herders are not good either, there is a land my grandma and other people who were buying land through shares, owns in rumuruti around 300 acres.
There is a British who wanted to buy from them at 150k per acre considering they had bought it at 300. He wanted to build a conservancy and a 5 star hotel in it but
These pokots invaded the land and claimed its theirs and frustrated the process for over 10 years to date. Now these people are aged and are dying one by one without eating the fruits of their labour. Fuck pokots but police there is a better way to handle them rather than killing their animals.

I usually go to Ruai almost every weekend on various missions. I have a friend who owns lots of land in the area. Around June, the friend called me midweek and asked me to accompany him to Ruai urgently sounding very agitated. On hooking up with him, he told me his caretaker had called him saying maasai herds men had let loose their cows on his crop of maize and were refusing to drive them out. By the time we arrived, the cattle were out of his land but the devastation left behind was terrible. We traced the herders and attempted to ask them why they had let their cows destroy someones maize and they started playing their stupid games of pretending not to know what we were talking about. We ended up at the local police station and reported the matter, the police said they will track them and make them pay for the damage but nothing happened.
What would you do with such people if it was you?

We should also stop farming since we’re going with the times

. adonbiliv its the police who did that.

~Heshima haiji ila kwa ncha ya upanga~ Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Jinga, the cows belonging to the Maasai are not property?

my take,

  1. pastoralism has no place in the 21st century. its time these people agreed to settle down and embrace modern ranching, take their kids to school and contribute to national cake. right now we have a scenario where every time there is a drought we have to give them food aid and yet they dont seem to want to change their way of life. they sell their cattle when they are dying rather than when they are fat. what sort of a business model is that?
  2. rangeland management. the single biggest cause of drought in northern frontier is not the climatic condition but overgrazing. you will find a person has over 1000 goats and hundreds of cows whereas the land can only sustainably support half of that. County governments need to something about this seriously.
  3. while i do not condone the action of the police, it was the only way to get them out. @imei2012 i know you are familiar with the concept of fait accompli, and i believe that this is what these herders were up to. Remember they moved in sometime in April and have now come back. before long they would have become a permanent presence in those ranches and would be harder to get rid of them in the future and thus establishing new facts on the ground. tenure. you forget that this is not idle land that the herders are moving into but land owned by individuals. how they acquired that land non withstanding, the person enjoys all protections offered by the law unless a lawful process is followed to dispossess them of the same. it is not just ranchers who are complaining but alo small scale farmers who bought shares/land in laikipia.
  4. wildlife. laikipia has the second largest population of elepahnts in the country after Tsavo. the rate at which these pastoralists were killing them was crazy. had this not happened, you would be here complaining about elephant poaching.
    all in all, it does not look good but it was the best decision to make , any delay would result in future action at a higher cost.

Is it in Laikipia where they killed a ranch owner?

If it is, then it serves them right.