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Ni kujipanga ndugu yangu…Enyewe huyo wife yake aliona huyu jamaa ako na potential akaamua kujipanga na yeye otherwise pengine angekuwa mustuni saa hii.

Ruto anajua kumaintain body figure yake, uhuru should emulate him and go gym

1st Picture DP Ruto was going to a preach in a crusade that is why he is carrying a Bible. Pastor Ruto. Those relationship that start when you are at the bottom last forever.

@introvert leta tata

The real definition of self made. Salute to our next president.

Self made my foot kunyanganya watu mashamba ndio self making?

wewe wivu itakuua kabla hizo vijidudu zikuue,brare fuking

mwizi ni mwizi

IF all of his wealth was genuine…Trust me I would also salute him

Ata babuon, orengo, muthama, wetangula, watermelon etc wote ni wezi. Let be honest wizi isn’t the problem here.

She is aging gracefully

Raila is not self made either. He like Uhuru Kenyatta inherited his father’s leadership

Did he inherit the molasses plant and 24 acres land from Jaramongi, is the stalled kisumu “state house” inheritance, did the millions he gets from drug dealers, smugglers, conmen and terrorist sympathizers come from family finances, what about the suitcases of cash from asian businessmen to clear goods intercepted by Kbs/KRA at the ports/airports. Boss don’t live in denial.

Morning shemeji.

I thought he said that Raila inherited the leadership from his father. Hiyo ingine ya illegal business, smuggling land grabbing ni yake.

Osungu.dll has been speared…

@spear=@gio :D:D
Nimevaa helmet mawe zikam

But the fact remains Ruto pia ni mwizi na pia mnyang’anyi.

Its too early on a Friday kuleta shida, hiyo nimechukuwa kwa roho safi and i know it wouldn’t be the last time. Hii Usungu.dll ni ngumu thats why we we taught it in school for 12 years.

Mmmmm blame it on Idd bro no hard feelings. You have been so fucking eloquent in the past mpaka naona kama leo the past ni copy pasta.