Wsr retires Baba

Today, the real Earthquake of Kenyan Political space has come… The real Tsunami has hit the country…
Raila Amolo Odinga has announced retirement from local politics.
Flanked by his long term friend, Gen Olesegun Obasanjo he announced his candidature for the AU Chair next year.
Remember, early last month, PCS, Musalia Mudavadi announced in Nyanza that “shocking news was coming” and yesterday Musalia flew to Addis Ababa to officially submit the name of Raila. Under the AU Protocol, every candidate must have the backing of a member State.
It means that it is President Ruto that has submitted Raila’s name.

This is a masterstroke by William Ruto… he has officially handed over the retirement letter to Raila. And coupled with his personal touch to African bigwigs like Ramaphosa and Allassene Quattara of Ivory Coast (Raila is the one that negotiated the power agreement that made Quattara president). Together with Ruto’s diplomatic charm, it is a sure bet that Raila is going to win this thing. The only other time he won, 2007, Ruto was the force behind the scenes. This time Ruto is Infront of the scenes.

What does that mean?
As AU Chair, Raila will be fully engaged in Addis Ababa, and will have very little time for local politics. He will sign the charter to commit to keep off political affairs in any AU member State.

In Nyanza and Coast, where ODM is strong, the candidates will have no excuse of “helping Baba to fight in Nairobi” it will be your track record.

For 2027 it means that the race is left for Kalonzo and Eugene Wamalwa…
It will be Kalonzo vs Ruto…but Raila out of the picture…
Eugene Wamalwa has never bought anyone even Coca Cola mwala…and does not have the umph that connects to the masses. Eugene can not face Papa wa Roma among the Bukusu. Raila will appoint his fellow Mluhyia Oparanya as AU Executive Member, meaning that Western Kenya will be 90% Ruto. With Raila not running, and Raymond Omollo leading the onslaught in Nyanza, Ruto will take a chunk of the votes. Since we are genetically related to Ruto, having the same ancestor Sin Kuru aka Lubanga Luos will feel closer to Ruto…and you can be sure that memories of Kalenjins helping Luos in 2007 after Kalonzo betrayed Raila will be aroused. There is no way Kalonzo is going to beat Ruto in Luo Nyanza.

Technically speaking, Ruto has automatically inherited Raila’s political base…

2027, Ruto will win by not less than 70% …

When some of us kept telling you beating Ruto in 2027 is an impossible mission, we were not joking…

This is someone who understands strategy…and is a master negotiater…

Ruto has managed to retire Raila Odinga without bloodshed…


I agree.
If he secures the seat, Raila will retire honorably from Kenyan politics and there will be nobody left with the numbers to threaten Ruto’s re-election.
I even saw Joho emerge from Boni forest this week after getting the news.

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Raila simply picks his own journeys. He decided to sign with Kanu government as minister. Mkasema no Moi. Jamaa negotiated a handshake, mkasema ni Uhuru. Now he picks his retirement, ati ni masterstroke by Ruto.
Accept the truth. The man is always ahead of his time.


:green_emoji: the slut still thinks jambazi sugu kutoka sukoi lenye misuli tinginya diye alipull hio card , hakuna Lootall alipull hio card . Am sure amekaza mcoondur Rao apate hio kiti Dio aloot kila kitu bila kusumbuliwa na mtu . Sad

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Hapo sawa. Wasapre waeende na hukooo. Bloody tugeges itabidi wafinywe makende hadi watii.
I agree tho’… Zakayo akicheza fiti Luo nyanza and in the absence of Baba … he could easily swing the luo voters to his side. Njaluo hawananga shida na wakale na wakale pia hawana shida na njaluo outside of politics.

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