WSR, ITUMBI, MOI ruined this country

When history books are written and acknowledged none will bear the greatest burden to have taken this country down hell hole than these 3, each by his own measure. The 1st by religion the 2nd by misinformation and the 3rd by cronyism.

I hope Itumbi has his billions stashed away, courtesy of Uhuru regime, if not, i don’t see Ruto catapulting him any further.

What happened to him? He’s been awfully quiet since LootAll’s inauguration.

Hata kama ni wewe can you let that guy anywhere near you, after being so ungrateful to the man who gave him such a prestigious post ?
Then, things get complicated because Itumbi and Riggy-G ni kama maji na mafuta.

He will disaggear*

I think education was lost on so many of our bonobo youngins, the mayoutmen/women who think they know it all.

So a petty backroom blogger has done more damage to this nation than say Nicholas Biwott who looted and murdered for 24 years? Or say PS Oyugi who helped murder Ouko?

Sijui kama ni kukosa akili ama some of you are just 14-year olds with a smartphone…

it’s relative.



Go easy on the boys, you’re hitting hard like George Foreman