WSR Is The Boss

Uhuru hugged his ‘brother’ last Friday, and left for Cuba last night. Ruto is the boss now and I doubt that he’s going to roll out the red carpet.



How do you manage to survive and breath with your head that far up his ass?

I guess when he yawns we can see your wrinkled forehead down his throat…just guessing


you are foolish in biology…just a thought…

rat’s head is telling him his ‘brother’ has left him incharge… green emoji, green emoji


A week after the handshake deal, President Uhuru completed his cabinet formation. The biggest winner again was DP Uncle Ruto. Bomet got a PS and CAS. Kericho got a PS stiflingly any small talk from the area. Elgeiyo Marakwet got its first P.S and kanu can’t still believe the President could throw them under the bus twice in a few weeks. Its not that their proposed candidates are ignored but worse their direct rivals are promoted. Now with RAT surrender and accommodation into government in some nondescript yet to be formed reconciliation steering committee as chair, then opposition is dead and buried. watermelon, wets, madvd & gideon can now either chart their own meaningless paths or join up if they can even choice a line up to begin with.

I just hope that UK has not decided to pretend that JaKuon is unlikely to stir trouble as soon as he’s steady on his feet. It would betray the voters who braved the elements twice to elect their leaders.

Don’t worry that steering committee is just for show. It has zero powers real or imaginary. Something to tell Kenyans to go back to work and build the nation fully. So it will be just advertising in media and a few project launch across the country. Kwanza SGR phase 2B Narok to Kisumu and phase 2C Kisumu to Malaba will be one of them. UhuRuto literary took former President Moi advise in dividing the opposition permanently to its death bed. He said dealing with Nyanza is easy, its just one person who makes that decision. Sooth RAT ego and give one bone to chew on. He will get into order at once and the rest can’t say anything to the contrary. Western is even easier. They are always divided into different leaders. Nunua chai na hii kitu imeisha. Ukambani wacha tu, watajipata wamerudi bila kuambiwa.

Haujaambia wakamba poa…

And you are very proud the way your guys are running this country, threw a borne here and there, nunua chai for some chaps, wait for others njaa iwashike watarudi tu. Jesus Christ! Na bado tuimbe tato tena na tuko pamoja. Kibaki really tried to develop this country accross, sahii ni kukula tu nyama na kurushia wengine mifupa.

Kwani siku hizi umechukua department ya mafeelings?

@spear’s observations are based on facts, not emotion.

Just a day after Phandom had sent Muluka to ‘expose’ JaKuon in the media (Nigeria magic phone!) , the slippery principal outwitted them all and went to Uhuru. Hata hakukuwa haja ya chai.

For us the voters, we elected Uhuru and Ruto twice because they continued Kibaki’s work, and achieved quite a lot despite Raila and his 3 stooges constantly trying to undermine development.

Let him choke on his bile kabisa. Having loads of mafeelings seems to be a requirement of the job. When RAT and opposition is funded by corruption lord wanjigi, smuggler cartels, drug dealers, terrorist sympathizers and criminals the only thing they could do is fain ignorance or bury their head in the sand. Former President Kibaki needed support when he was in State House not now by pretence because RAT failed and someone can’t move on since 2013 when UhuRuto sweep Jubilee into power. Meanwhile let’s enjoy the moment as we continue building the nation and the opposition cannibalises itself.

Now I await the attack dogs handles here to be unleashed. The truth hurts.

I know all of us are biased, but to say UhuRuto haven’t continued with the development is just being cynical. Leo nimeona pics za lami to Modogashe, still can’t believe it. Moyale now is a tarmac and concrete jungle. Watu wa lamu wanashangaa kuona lami for the first time huko kwao. Na hio ni huko mbali. Closer home, tarmac that had been promised since 1985 finally imefika kwetu and as if that wasn’t enough, bypass inaanza kujengwa. That’s two tarmacked routes to the farm. Kila mahali Kenya kuna maendeleo . Do I need to mention the rural electrification, lappset, SGR etc etc? Ama ilikua lazima ifanywe na raila or kibaki ndio uite maendeleo?

Maybe he’ll fire JaKuon while the big kahuna is enjoying a Cuban, a la Drumpf.

On another note, Trump Firings/Resignations/Departures:


Kazi ya opposition ni ku-chair public accounts committee na kuunda shadow cabinet sio kuenda statehouse kuomba chai na mifupa kama TmT

very nice summary.

Atasema hiyo yote imejengwa na pesa ya kukopa ie we have mortgaged our kids.
Green emoji

Damn! This isn’t sycophancy anymore.