Wsr hustler nation

Hustler Nation narrative has been taking shape and is now on the lips of every politically-connered Kenyan beginning with president Kenyatta himself and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

It all started as a pedestrian talk, found a place in the hearts of many Kenyans and is now giving DP Ruto’s opponents a hard time to counter it and measure up to his fast growing popularity across the nation.

For a long time now, DP Ruto’s opponents have maximized and used up every available efforts to demonize hustler narrative without offering an alternative viable slogan.


The man of Sugoi has vowed to change the political conversation from one that addresses the issues affecting the haves and highly monied individuals to a Hustler Discourse.

Political analyist and Law Scholar Dancun Ojwang has argued that the only available option for Raila Odinga is to join the hustler movement since he has lost the grip of the bigger population.

OJWANG: You don’t just fight a narrative by poking holes on it. You must come up without a viable slogan.

Analyist Javas Bigambo says that it will take Uhuru, Raila and their supporter all their efforts to bring down Ruto.

BIGAMBO: Ruto is a gallant and resilient man who cannot be stopped by a mere political frustrations.

Professor Edwin Kisangani on his part has also argued that DP Ruto’s hustler narrative is resonating well with Kenyans and it is visible in form and shape.

As the 2022 polls now come closer, and whether the Hustler narrative is good or bad, it is clear beyond any shadow of doubt, that William Samoei Ruto has conered his opponents.

Jidanganye tu hapo. When push comes to shove tutaona Nani ndio mbabe. Mnasahau Uhuru unlike Kibaki or Moi is still a young man.

Things on the ground are shifting to indifference aka voter apazy.
Reason why Jubilee will win in Kiambaa coz the hustlers will have no motivation to go and vote.

You know Prof Kisiamgani is Ruto’s advisor?

You are either stupid, or on Ruto’s payroll, or an unthinking Kalenjin or all three to come here and sing like a canary in support of a CONVICTED thief who has been the second in command of the country for 8years with NOTHING to show for it, who suddenly believes Boda Boda and wheelbarrow pushers are the ones who will build this country. Laptops, world-class stadiums, double-digit growth, electricity for all etc have been forgotten, now it is wheelbarrows, and cheap fuckers like you have been paid peanuts to come crow here in support of an empty suit who has never earned an honest coin. Kenya we have problems enyewe

58 ni young man aje…na hustler is 54 if that’s the case

Liwe liwalo

Raila Odinga; Chris Kirubi hated those who stole and later comeback to donate millions in Churches.

Rachel Ruto; I organized for a dinner to build a church, CK was one of the guests, he asked me the amount that was needed and I gave him the figure, which was in millions. Chris Kirubi told me he would give the whole amount and dinner should now be served! CK was a giver.

:smiley: political conmen are mean and thrive on spreading hatred towards others and watering down any good deed. The dufference is like day and night

Raila embarrassed himself.

Thieves should not drag their spouses and children into their filthy trade. It’s such a shame when they go as low as stealing some garments called Sambut from old men.

Arror is the reason many people will not vote in the next erection

Covid billionaires wako wapi…ama ni weupe kama pamba…21 days bado iisha