WSR got guts: si amekasirika! Diverting attention from pillows, carpets and tiles that were delivered. Smart guy.


Sounds like Shetani runs a mandazi biz in Kibra

I just hope Baba will not vie to be given a beating and humiliated by the hustler come 2022.

@Theuri wa kigogoine 2022 will be a protest vote against jubilee. Umbwa yoyote itasimama na jubilee hata wabadilishe chama waanguka.

Jubilee and it’s billionaire thieves are the real enemies of this country

If there is anybody who will make me wake up at 2AM to go vote, despite the fact that as a senior citizen I don’t have to queue, is Babuon. Akisimama, mimi na nyumba yangu yoooote tunaamka kuelekea kituo.

RWNEEBP, period!

Afadhali hata nipee punda ya jirani kura zangu…

Mzee I thought kuishi kuingi ndio kuongezewa marifa lakini hii yako ni upumbavu na ushoga. Utakufa lini?

WSRWNBP whether you like it or not… I can’t throw away my vote into a thicket full of corruption shit and yet someone is still snapping it’s defence

Huyu mzee anapayuka sana siku hizi…kamwana akirudi anyamaze.

Where did these beddings end up in ?



From what one sees, jubilee appears to have good development intentions but they seem to lack an effective monitoring and reporting precess, which can actively put in place corrective measures. Currently, issues reach the media, get partly falsified and exergerated.
Honestly they need project coordinators/developers even if they are expatriates.

Mzee, what do you make of the current political intrigues we are seeing being ochestrated by uhunye’s camp? Dont you think they are anti-ruto by design?

It is funds for the Dam projects - causing all the noise . Let us establish if money has been stolen, if not, please let us complete first, one dam, learn from the mistakes and move on to the other projects.

Mlisema referendum iko lini?