WSR - Enigma

I dont think so. He is getting it. Ruto will not get it. the system has decided.

Hii RWNBP meanining yake inakuaga nini?

R stands for Ruto au Raira?

Kiengei unakuwanga shimo gani?

Za Cendro atapata and it is a biiiiig maybe akiwacha hanging out with Uhuru…don’t know about the rest of Kenya. The bulk of Cendro are behind WSR to spite UHURU and remember they vote as a block.

Lets not be delusional that the votes actually count. From 2007 we have seen that it doesnt matter who people vote for. Its the sytem manipulators that decide. Rutos goose is cooked.

Oki tuongojee basi. My money is on WSR. Shrewd, calculating and has been in the game for far too long. It will be a tough call for him but those 2 are no match for his wiliness.
I also don’t buy the fact that the last 2 elections were stolen. 2007 yes …plus most of Cendro wants the Kenyattas out like yesterday so anyone lying to themselves that by association ataingia…pole kwake.

Pls look for another word like scandalous, enigma ni ya Baba. Hapana tambua hustler.

I just like the way Babuon’s supporters live in alternative universe. Eti Raila won in 2013 and 2017? Ha ha ha ha! Total madness…


Low IQ ndio hii sasa. You forget very fast. Do you remember what happened last time you voted as a block to spite Rails and confine him to Bondo? Hii ndio tunasemanga mwafrika is still evolving.

I know the smell of your handle…isorait

Utaona vile Mau Forest itafanywa

The both of the two double.

Nimecopy hio kitu nikaipaste kwa google ikaniletea meaning yake. Kusoma meaning nikafurahi sana

Jumping straight from frying pan to a nuclear bomb stockpile. Nani amekuambia Uhuru ni worse than Ruto? Unadhani economy ni mbaya saa hii, ngoja Ruto aingie then you will wish Moi was still in power, atleast alikuwa anaiba akigawia watu. But Lootall ataiba akipatia bibi yake, wengine mtakula hewa.

Basically their is only one candidate DP Uncle Ruto. The rest are just distant probables, hopes and dreams.

Saa hii kuna mtu seriously dreaming that President Uhuru will campaign toe to toe anywhere with RAT as a joint ticket.:D. They will amend constitution using ongeza mizigo okoa wazee BBI referendum bill :D. Men its going to be good huko mbele.

Just a reminder;

Jomo Kenyatta - 1963-1978 (15 years)
Uhuru Kenyatta - 2013-2022 (10 years)
Toroitich Arap Moi - 1978 - 2002 (24 years)

Odinga family from 1963 to Present - (56 years)

The Kenyatta family has led Kenya for 25 years, Moi for 24 years and Odinga family has led opposition since independence and by 2022 that will be 59 years.

They still want to continue ruling Kenya. If its just jobs they want can’t they line up at Mama Ngina office and see which job vacancies exist in the vast empire they own.

President Kibaki retired gracefully in 2013 and he still had vision 2013 and lappset projects uncompleted. Sikusikia he is too young to retire, he wants to complete his projects first. President Uhuru has 3 years to complete Jubilee and his big 4 agenda. We will help him in that but come August 30 2022, the Presidency moves to DP Uncle Ruto after a successful elections win.

Testing the waters

Ghasia hii hujui Ngirici is there

Yaani Kirinyaga county yote hakuna other politicians!!! Tulisema 99% of all elected leaders must go home in every party nominations let alone allowing them to get to the general elections.