Wrong Traps

I learnt bird hunting and trapping from the village experts(boys) and further went ahead to learn some fishing using hook and line. Very exciting if you’re a learner and you get to catch a few after the first lesson and very addictive after you’ve mastered the art.

The main reason of trapping birds was that during harvesting seasons, there was plenty of flour(millet) and all sorts of greens. Imagine that ‘red’ ugali na kunde ama sukuma! Haiendi kabisa, ni kama kula sima maharagwe ama sima kwa viazi.

There are all sorts of birds and each species has its unique habit. Tukienda kuchunga ngombe, unamshika mkia unachomoa the finest hair from the tail and use it to trap birds.
Some birds love fruits, tunawategea hapo hapo pia, pigeons love millet, we had a method for them too.
Tukitaka wengi, there was a certain plant, tulikuwa tukipiga stem yake, inatoa a substance yenye tulikuwa tunachemsha alafu inakuwa gum, we sprinkle it and wait for the harvest!
Kunde mrenda was only rumours to us!

Fishing! During rainy seasons, there are a lot of fish and so catching them is very easy.
Kuna siku tulienda mtoni jioni, tukapanga hizo lines along the river and went home so that tukija asubuhi kuinspect ni kutoa tu samaki.
Tukatoa samaki kadhaa, very big fish and all the lines had caught something. This was very unusual coz the size of fish in that area could not rise just like that, how??

One particular fish was too heavy to be pulled by one person so when we finished our lines, we ganged to assist a brother. Weee, a massive catch! A big Nile perch to be precise. Pulled everything together and were about to go home when a group of four arrived and requested us to wait a little. They didn’t tell us why!
So we sat down on the riverside to wait, maybe they had some important issue to share with us!
Guys just removed their clothes and jumped into the cold morning water, each going different directions, disappearing under and coming out, no talking.
After around ten minutes in water, we saw them rushing to one direction where one of them was waving but not talking. Immediately we knew what was going on!

A dead body, fully bloated stomach, no eyes in the sockets, no genitals, palm and soles eaten and lips missing. The body was badly eaten!
Being young and naive, as soon as the body was ashore, we bolted off, leaving our fish behind. Uoga nayo!
It was the most disgusting sight I’ve ever seen.

Ran home and reported straight to an uncle who was the first person we met. Umewaikimbia ndani ya miwa na mahindi na unaskia ni kama matawi ndio ile kitu umeona na inakufuata. Kumbe kutoa mwili imedrown iko na masheria sana, I never knew.

I later heard that the body was of a man who had drowned a few days back in Sondu and had been swept downstream to our fishing point.
Apparently, he had revealed to his friend in a dream where he was stuck so they came all the way from Sondu to retrieve the body.
Hakuna kitu inanuka vibaya kama binadamu. When that stomach was pressed flat na joto ikaingia kwa hiyo mwili, harufu yake ilikuwa inacover almost a radius of one kilometre.
Nikabaki hapo nikitema mate karibu mwezi.

That was the end of my fishing expedition plus swimming. I just can’t do it, that bad memory has stuck on me!
If you drown, ujue samaki will be hosting a house party to feast on you, its a way giving back to the fish community in a style for sure!

Swafi hekaya.shocking story.

nasikia also during ile rwandan genocide, fish in lake victoria were very fat and healthy . so rumors had it that whoever ate those fish indirectly ate the genocide victims since walikuwa wanatupwa kwa river that fed lake victoria. I had to wait for kitu 4 years to embark on fish eating

some things are supposed to remain private thoughts.

Sigwes patikana hio Kijiji tena

That friend killed the dude no doubts. Superstitious and stupid beliefs is and will continue being the downfall of Africa. Nice hekaya though.

It was true.

:D:D you ate them before you knew the story

Sometimes I wonder how these traditions work, some things are outrightly incredible however skeptical you may be

sure since nasikia ata omena hula watu na bile huwa atutoi intestines,meaning kuna 99% probability that kuna mtu amewahi kula genitals directly after frying them since watu udrown daily.suivide,accidents…name them

mimi sili omena:oops:

A few years back, uko ocha, i also happened to encounter such,. This was a 14yr old boy who was suffering from epilepsy, mnajua vile such people huwa hawaskizani na maji mob ka ya river ivi, pia moto(fire) Huwa haielewani na epilepsy. so this boy went swimming & epilepsy ikamshikia kwa mto! the boy drowned. ilikua around 6pm, akakuja kupatikana the following day at around 9am, this water creatures hazina huruma:saitan:, alikua amekulwa maskio yote, mapua yote, mdomo, macho yote! you can imagine, he looked terrible! niliogopa kuogelea kwa mito from that day

Eish, am surely not eating any fish any time soon. Hapana, no.

we msomali sticking to herding camels and its traditions. In most cases mtu aki drown huleta ndoto mahali yuko etc. Halafu kuna kimila mingi sana with regard to retrieving a drowned body. Hizo mila zimenifanya sipendi kutembea by the river bank

Damn! Lakini siwezi acha kula samaki.

Stick to Tilapia…it feeds on greens only

A licenced doctor will grade you as clinically retarded. Sometimes it’s best to shut up and let people think you an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt.

Ningekula hata hiyo nile perch mlishika kama ni mimi. once the fish has digested the meat, what you will be eating is the fish, not the person. Ama nyinyi ni wale hamwezi kula kuku juu inakulaga :meffi:

Alshabaab ask people from either western or Nyanza na uta ambiwa vizuri.