Wrong Number.

I sent some money from my bank account through mobile banking to a wrong MPesa number. I called Safaricom and they told me only the bank can request a reversal of the transaction. The bank took almost 40 minutes to pick up my call. By that time, the money had been withdrawn and phone switched off. Is there a way to recover that money? 70k is a lot to go just like that. Please help!

@vuja deek kuna client apa

Mnabank na banks chokora halafu mnakam kulia Lia hapa

Where I bank, mtu anapewa ‘relationship manager’ …ukiwa na issue 24/7 u call him

Following. Ata Mimi iko malair ilichomoa 30k kwa Mpesa yangu. Kufuatilia na saf nikaona ni upus. Nikatoa Mpesa statement and got the name and number(mteja). sasa av been stuck on how to catch the mbich since alienda exile

pole. pesa imeenda.

Tafuta zingine tu.

Post on their FB page or Twitter. Pole 70k is alot of cash to lose.


Sii kwa ubaya, but how do you send that kind of cash without double checking the details? Pesa ime enda and even if the phone was on there is nothing much you can do because you sent it

Hii angeita @jumabekavu.

Fory case I din’t send . she stole it together with the phone and disappeared. is there a way I can track her ata kama ni CID nitaomba usaidizi to track her?

She knew your PIN? !!

Ni FWB nilikuwa najua almost married her only for her to do such a mahuru stunt

Pole sana. Shit happens but I hope next time you will wait until you get married to divulge such details.

Crazy…70k afadhali nipatiane cash

Do we have lawyers in this group? I think the bank should compensate you.

Concur with this. Simu ikikaa more than a minute bila kushikwa inaonesha how they don’t value you n your dimes.
Izi bank za kichakani achia watu wa kupenda kupanga lines.
As the client you should always come first

How do you proof it was wrong number… The guy is just paying for his recklessness… Hatawai tuma pesa vibaya tena… Some lessons must be learned the hard way

I disagree. Human is to error. If he was conned then unaweza sema hivo.

Do you know the imei of the phone she uses? She can be easily tracked using it