Wrong Business Move by Lillian Nganga

Her lawyer Murgor advised her to claim she was never married to Mutua. Rather stupid counsel.
But her saving grace, the internet never forgets:


:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM… Kunguruu sugu na jeenger zaidi,she will go back to buru with nothing and be fucked as zilizopendwa by beta males who want to " salimia" the governor… [SIZE=1]Huyu atakua anatumiwa kama a living example of a failure pale landies road professional college of slaykwinology and kunguruology[/SIZE]

She’ll win in any court, anywhere in the world.

The courts lean towards women’s rights.

Umesahau hapa ni kenya with a corrupt judiciary.

Donald Kipkorir hatambuliki kwa kuwa lawyer shupavu, anajulikana tu kwa kusponsor events za LSK na kupost chakula kwa social media akienda lunch na marafiki zake

Not in Kenya bwana. The judiciary is corrupt. Alfred Mutua has the money to buy judges to rule in his favour.

:smiley: You really don’t like him do you

Mutua is a busy man. Huyu angetulia akule Mali akitombwa outside by Chad tyrones

Pia mimi nashangaa mbona because donald na arror wote ni vibaraka wa nyayo.

Hii sasa ni wivu.

She has already on her own accord limited her claims to a car, some few shares and intention to emotionally injure her qarry.

This is Kenya. She is probably being prepared to be the next governor of Machakos. :D:D:D:D

Has anyone announced that they are running? Before politics Mutua was an activist.

that mungich from kiambu is a fraud

Ata nukisha kitunguu kwa ma clubs akifanya special appearances venye kamangu wa margret wanjiro alikua anafanya

Maybe hata lawyer wake alichotwa kakitu na Mutua to mislead her.

The angle is that she was an equal partner in their biz and she contributed her share in the investment. Nice move. That way she can claim 50%, without kids her claim could be 10% non-monetary contribution