Written Assignment

Sema villagers.

I have a pal who needs an assignment done for him. Work is crazy and he needs it done by the 29th Dec.
The assignment involves constructing a questionnaire out of some documents, to collect and analyse data and draw some conclusions.
Any takers? tupatane inbox for details.

stop being lazy my fren
earn your keep
just do the bloody assignment

Do the damn assignment you piece of lazy rubbish. You’re the reason for mediocrity in this nation.


We have certs like that one he’s trying to make it come clean coz tulitia bidii. Even if not all of us wako in corporate fields, Awache ujinga. Hii ni kama kucopy assignment. Lazynoogle.

we are busy men…peleka facebook

ferk you and your pal…acheni kuwa mbwakoko fanyeni hiyo assignment

@Here for the comments :D:D:D

matako yako Julia mbwata???

Ferk your friend for paying school with no intention of learning. Afadhali hiyo pesa angewekela Sportpesa. Ferk you for being an enabler. Ferk the degree he’ll obtain.

Broker meffii wewe

sample size?? how much is he willing to part with?

Hehehehe kueni wapole

Ookay…! tough crowd. :D:D:D


Is the assignment still available? We can talk.