Wreso ni real?

Are wrestlers truly enemies? Does john cena genuinely want to break Rick flair’s neck? Does Vince McMahon really not have a hand in the match outcomes? Do you genuinely believe you can survive a steel chair to the head from a guy that benches 100kgs without breaking a sweat? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you’re a moron.

Ps. This is a philosophical post, if you think N.K and the states are enemies, you’re a moron. Also feel free to swap out the characters, jubilee/cord, ngilu/waititu, tom/Jerry…

If you can post such a thread, you are a moron

you just mad cause I called you out… Satan worshipping shill…

Leo ni Friday aise

Mapema aje kaka

Hapo sawa.

and you are the moron

They are addicts of morphine painkillers and steroids

The thing is called sport entertainment, emphasis on entertainment. Now do the math.

Kitunguu imenuka poa hii wiki nikasema fuck it

Exactly my point

I have hard time explaining to people that you cant take bare knuckle punches from a 120kg guy, be thrown to the floor on your head, get hit with a metallic chair, have your face rammed into a metal staircase, have a 110 kg guy jump on your chest or stomach from 10 feet up, but still emerge out of the fight with a smooth babyface. People havent observed that all those “wrestlers” are from Holywood?
ooh except @uwesmake and @junkie who you can never attempt explaining to because of their less than satisfactory cognitive abilities.

Ati mlisema engine ya ndege ikisimama hushtuliwa aje iwake?

If you watch the end of the show you can see the names of the script writers and producers and directors. The match results are predetermined

Vita ni MMA peleka hii ukumbafff ------------>yes

Mimi,? Nikasema wreso ni real?