..wrapping up the week

Over the last coupla weeks, actually tracing back to early december, my productivity has slumped. I am bila motivation at jobo kapsa. And i thought the dec holiday will reset me to my last known working configuration, but alas! So i went all out kujienjoy that dec even hepaing my family to enjoy myself at coasto alone, it hasnt worked. January being almost over, I am kinda frustrated. I have wasted much like 1.5 months being unproductive.

hiyo story yote ni ya?

ok, I’d like to know, how do you stay motivated and keep your productivity up in whatever you do?

PS. Seriousness tafadhali akina admins

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Post some photos that you took in coasto even if you’re not in them

Chukua one more week ya leave ukae na maboyz wa mtaa jobless corner during that time. You will get motivated


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I am not the one who is whining about how my life sucks

For me, going to the gym works every time, either running on the treadmill or elliptical. I wish I’d known this secret earlier. If you want to remain productive you must work out! Make sure you have broken a sweat

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