wrap it up now or be sorry

With the current covid19 epidemic any single man with 100k plus in his bank account will be a prize to most of this broke wannabe women. Lately I have noticed a lot of THOTs posting their pics and tweking on WhatsApp status but I am not falling for the thirst trap.:smiley:

Zile videos zote mnaona online nowadays ni marketing ya matako tuu. Hiyo industry is here to stay. Ukiona slay queen akitingiza matako instagram na youtube inakuwanga marketing. Lakini 100k ni peanuts.

Kujia Snapp na Bhajia

Ukinunuliwa pilsners ndio ulikuwa unafanya, wah si hiyo kinyambis imeona moto

nimeitiwa kuma na slayquin that played hard to get and I walked away, four months ago. her job was shut due to corona now she is broke like a church mouse.

Mapoko inafaa wakuwe essential services !

100k can’t take you far. But either way, your points are definitely valid

Angusha picha esvee.

Last weekend nilikuwa nachekelea tu hizo simu za slay queens wa five years ago zikiingia. Thank god nilimeza red peels juzi otherwise wangenisotesha during this period

almost everymorning, naamkia a message kwa facebook inbox, Hi “Mr. Musk” I hope you are good… message timestamp reads after 2:am. the same dems you inboxed like three months wakalenga. one told me hataki kunipea coz am married. saa hii in a coded language andai second wife position.


Kula naungushe 50 Bob ya maziwa

she is in my queue as no. 3 on smashing list, there is another juicier one ahead of her… my banker

Exploit their neediness

i don’t like the word exploring, but fuck and appreciate reasonably. they won’t offer the pussy for free after all. women’s instinct is to fuck the guy that looks like he can provide, men’s instinct is to fuck the young fine girls.