WP Publishes Final Column


The Washington Post published the final column written by Khashoggi before his disappearance. He called for “a modern version of the old transnational media so citizens can be informed about global events.”

A whole ‘kingdom’ run by men in white dresses actually slaughtered a man in a consulate, dismembered him and transported his remains in bags??

It cannot get more primitive than that.

The prince is a spoilt brat with a silver spoonn up his arse who nobody has ever said no to !
His list of enemies even within UAE grows longer ,wonder how such a spoilt creature could handle a filthy dungeon even for a night could be quite the video !

USD 100million. Freedom of speech can’t beat that, even with a stick.

Tofauti ya Huyu Khashoggi na Miguna Miguna ni gani ? Apart from one being African and the other Arab ?

Other than the fact that we know where Miguna is and can certify that he is breathing with all his limbs intact, Miguna isn’t a journalist. And Khashoggi could actually interact with people without belittling their intellectual capacity. Something that Miguna is incapable of doing.

Plus, Khashoggi never signed away his citizenship rights.