Wow! This splendid new view of Mombasa Island!

Isn’t it beautiful!!!


Being positive is the best thing one can ever do. Yeah, very beautiful!!

Let’s blame hoho on this ama namna gani@Soprano?

Blame Joho for what exactly, @pamba? For the beauty of Mombasa?

Laiti ungelijua, afande. Laiti ungelijua!!!

JESO wa Matuini!!!..

Update tafadhali?

Thank God for KPA, they sent its Tag boats to save the ferry and push it back to shore. The Tag boats are so powerful they pull large cargo ships to port, so this was a simple job for them. It was also a security risk for the ships channel and put lives at risk.

Ferry breaks down with passengers on board, pushed by tides towards deep sea:D:D:D

On that note, what is the cost of building 100 bridges vis a vis the cost of maintaining those mabati boats aka ferries and risking hundreds of lives in the coming 100years.
Assuming budgetary constraints, isnt one new bridge per year achieveable… ama kuna kitu sishikanishi.

@introvert leta tata mbio

Tuliambiwa daraja itaanza kujengwa early 2017.

Also on the same

I’m not sure NLC has acquired the necessary lands at Likoni for the project to commence.

Na bado mnasema Hoho tosha:D:D:D

Weirdly, wa Mombasa wanamtaka Joho. Lakini ukweli ni kwamba hapa yeye hahusiki hivyo saaana.

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Wacha niseme tu ukweli,huwa navuka na ferry because of lack of an alternative. Mimi hufurahi ikinifikisha upande huo mwingine.what gives me chills is that tuko juu ya deep waters

Watu ya rai(l)a watasema hakuna haja ya madaraja

Kuna mtu alisema they were not being charged any extra cost for the trip to the deep sea…i guess that is the positive…
Btw ile kiwanja ya hoho ya mkeka ilibebwa ama bado iko…