Would you?

Would you remain as focused as this man is on his job?


Uko si ni Jamaica? She might as well be wearing a maternity dress for all he cares…

Unadhani ni nani anapiga hio picha na anatoshana aje?

I have observed that , generally , … Coastal and Island Men tend to be very relaxed in the presence of scantily clad Females …

I wonder why …???

They have seen it all. Nudity is the new normal. The same way men nowadays dont stare at women wearing hipsters like they would have done in 1995

Maybe No:D

Post nut clarity isha check in. Saa hii jamaa anajaribu kunikisha kitunguu

Reminds me of my punting experience pale river Thames. Best feeling ever on water.

you mean tharakanithi ?

:D:D:D:D usimdharau usiyemjua ama usiye mthamini, huenda akakuletea aibu.
Niulize niko college gani ya Ox, anyway that’s one of the pics. [ATTACH=full]145404[/ATTACH]

aibu? are you high? you are stuck in Ox,ukimaliza rudi nyumbani uanze kusaka kazi kama wenzako.In the
meantime patia hio kuku phone ijipige selfie,can’t be sure kama unaosha mitaro ama crocodile ndio imepiga hio picha sababu iko too close to surface.Ama unaswim na hii weather ya 7°?

What makes you talkers think low of everyone?? my friend I have a job here in Kenya that you’d kill to get. Anyway, lemme lay low but wewe jus kwa Kila 50 bob unayo, I got a k.

No one wants to hear what you got,do,fwack,eat or sh1t in.Anyway,according to all the 50’s i hold every month, and,my calculations,you make ksh 7,302,271.8,good job i see.unless you are the civil planner of a nuclear facility instalation in kenya or you hold 14 boss positions in major company…

What you fwakin earn or make, to me that’s just like the price of tampons. I don’t give a shit about it.

so was i right,you make 7mil? good on you sport.well,you know where to shove the tampons,right?

siwes zubaa kando ya hiyo mboga…