Would You Undergo Vasectomy?

Hapa najua 98% ni NO.

Hata Mimi siwes


if it was reversible and has been around for awhile then I would go ahead any other no!

Yaani umeingiza kidole kwa mapua, ukaingiza kwa mdomo alafu ukaona uulize elders hii swali?

Since male hormone that make you a “man” are produced in the testes, does vasectomy reduce your testosterone and make you a sissy?

Vasectomy involves cutting a tube called vas deferens. Hiyo ndio huleta sperms from the testes. Does no affect testosterone.
Also larger percentage of semen is prostatic fluid and seminal fluid so you will still cum just no sperm in the cum ( rhyme not intentional)

Village expert @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD kuja jibu hii swala nyeti

Watu wafanye vasectomy…hatutaki watoto wajinga kama nyinyi hii dunia

Any surgery that is an elective should be avoided. I would go further to say that unless something is certainly going to kill and suregry is the only treatment, it is wise to avoid.

Lakini mwili ni “yako”


Is being born uncircumcised an illness? Is it going to kill a person?

And as I said: mwili ni “yako”. I’m not trying to impose anything on anyone.

:smiley: advantage ya vasectomy ni una avoid hizi case za unakula kunguru DF alafu anakushow utume 10k ya kutoa ball


Hii maswali ya mashoga. Kaulize kamiti ukipumuliwa Kwa usogo.[ATTACH=full]501233[/ATTACH]

Hio ni lazima, for very practical hygiene and performance reasons. Vasectomy hapana. It’s invasive, and unnecessary, unless you are sick and the surgery is meant to heal you.

If I get desired family size why not. Sitaki kusikia maneno ya diapers tena bana