Would you sell your car to finance a business?

Hello all,

Would you sell a car to finance your business / to move it ‘‘to the next level’’?

Bearing in mind the risk involved what are your thoughts on such a move…

Yes considering hata mafuta imepanda bei

Yes kama gari haileti pesa

Or u can use the car as collateral for a loan

Wewe Si unajiita king Solomon? Tuambie

I’d never sell my car. I’d have to be in deep s#!t to sell my car. I love it too much man. I love my car more than a lot of people who are close to me.

Sea tu u Kweli ? Ni phobia ya public transport, na pia Kuwait na gari .ke is a status symbol.

:D:D:DWhats ‘her’ name

Actually I walk to work but I like travelling and public transport is inconvenient for such activities.

I call her Marion :smiley: in other news league za denmark, poland na croatia zinarudi leo.

Kwanza nimekula hio ya Australia, sasa nichambue kadhaa za 4-6

Does the it bring any incomes. If not dispose it