Would you refuse to submit your killer's evidence for analysis?

It was written right here that Kalonzo was seeking sympathy. True NASArites are just using the fool so they don’t care but Ukambani people need to take heed. Hii ni nyoka…



Star= mharo

Na sasa kama kalonzo ange-swear ni nini haswa ingeogezeka kwa team nasa?

Wacheni nonsense. Baba is just trying to divorce kalonzo so he may not honour the MOU to support kalonzo in 2022. That is actually what a snake is.

Na vile anapenda kusema kiuks don’t support others or honour MOUs. And which bride is baba trying to woo now? Ruto? Really?

Talk of the self destruction master.

But kalonzo pia ana madharau kubwa sana. During his party launch he said he is self made…

Yaani he told the world a straight faced lie. He didn’t even mention or thank president Moi for the years of support he gave him. That was a real shame.

But his greatest undoing was when he let baba run. The day people walked out of uhuru park and showed their backs to raila. That day kalonzo proved he is not ready for the big seat. It may even be argued that he single handedly more or less gave uhuruto their win.

And to make matters worse, on the last day of campaigns he goes ahead and tells a whole potential voting block to lie low like envelopes…

Are you serious? What kind of a politician says those kinds of things on the last day of campaigns?

how can we honour an MOU that from someones who fled swearing it and came back crying? a cry baby only needs milk. he cannot run the home.

[SIZE=6]Would you refuse to submit your killer’s evidence for analysis?[/SIZE]
Your killers???:eek: where will you be?

Im trying to put myself in watermelon’s shoes the wife is sick,political pressures left right and center alafu una realize u’ve made a lifetime political blunder for not attending the swearing in ceremony which would made you the point man in 2022…hapo unapata ata depression

Also wondering the same.

:D:D:D jehanamu

Depression kitu gani? kalonzo is spoilt.
How do you run away for months hiding in Germany hata huwezi kuja at least one protest march?

You know he is so used to being given things most of his life that he can’t understand what’s happening now…

From his 30s alikuwa amebebwa na Moi from one ministry to the other. The good life.

Na ati bado anangoja apewe kiti na raila and yet the whole of last year and 2016 he was told to announce himself and run. Stand on his own two feet. You can’t be made a president.

Can you imagine being a minister most of your life. You never pay for anything most of your youth and then in your 60s all that comes to a crashing halt…

No big offices with dozens of beautiful secretaries. No going to state house. Now you are even forced to start paying for things like petrol. Na mudavadi pia ako na hio stress.

Must be quite a shock. Umezoea when you used to land on a plane you’re met by ministers of other countries… no more of that.

And now he blames kiuks for ending that joyride.

And it’s not just kalonzo or mudavadi or even raila hii maisha hawa watu huwa wamezoea in power is a dangerous thing.

Kwanza when it’s stripped away in one swop you can lose your mind. You saw Ruto crying when he made it back to the good times… “Oh Lord Jesus thank you Jesus I’m back to the good times. Oh for a minute there I didn’t think I was going to come back. Oh Lord Jesus thank you…”

Those were the real tears of joy!

You dumb fack! That’s literal for some trying to kill you i.e. potential killer. You couldn’t get that from the context? Next time you feel like whining, pick someone your own size.