Would you rather have

When visitors come to your place, do you have a fruitful conversation, do they hog your TV remote or do they ask for WiFi password.

Extreme peasants who cannot relate, use your imagination.


From my experience, I’ve had visitors who would bug you so much about the WiFi password and when you give it to them, all the attention diverts to their phones. That is when they ‘remember’ to update their apps , and watch some shady clips on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube while giggling amidst a conversation. It wrecks a nerve especially if you’re the host. Funny thing is that they do this quite often whenever they visit you. Others find it best to play around with the TV or Audio system remotes attempting to switch the TV to online mode (worse during a news bulletin)

How about both?

You have funny visitors my fren…mimi kwangu mtu anaeza chezea remote ya SONY 60 inch 3D TV (cc @uwesmake )
ni bro maybe ama siz otherwise kila mtu akae kwake achezee remote yake senji

Hakuna option ya marwa. Huku kwetu ukitembelea mtu you enter the house as a formality alafu mnatoka nje mkae chini ya mti.

:D:D:D:D your name speaks it all