Would you have a gay son or a rapist son?

Just a social experiment guys

shait. afadhali late night pole

We don’t experiment here, enda shule uingie lab ufanye experiment uko alafu keti-----------------------~~~>

Did you mean prefer?

Kijana wako ni mgani kati ya hizo mbili? Ama ni zote… Leta hekaya

Hehehe. Niggers are homophobic as fvck in here. Gun to their heads, a lot of them would shit their undies if they had to answer this. They got to think about it for a minute.

Rephrase your question.

I said social experiment not chemistry.
I know it’s a tough question but please chagua mtoi wako


Non. Kids are overrated anyway

You have a very hard choice bro.
So you have two kungurus you’re dying to domesticate but these are the choices you have to make… masaibu ya boy child!

Sigwes jibu maswali ya ukubaff!!


This is the type of research that is beneficial to mankind, ma vichwa ngumu nyinyi

Its ambiguous
“Which one would you prefer”
They are not there already.
Ng’ombe type.

Research ya ushoga na usenge inakusaidiaje tena?