Would You Buy This as a Birrionaire?

2023 NISSAN GT-R NISMO SPECIAL EDITION :sparkles:MY24​:sparkles:

:anchor::anchor:Ready for Import on Order​:anchor::anchor:

:white_check_mark:Total Landing Cost For Kenya: KES.60,000,000 (Inclusive Taxes)

:black_medium_small_square:Engine: 3,800cc Twin Turbo V6 VR38
:black_medium_small_square:Transmission: 6 Speed Dual Clutch Automatic
:black_medium_small_square:Fuel: Petrol
:black_medium_small_square:Mileage: 400km
:black_medium_small_square:Power Output: 600Hp
:black_medium_small_square:Torque: 652Nm
:black_medium_small_square:Drivetrain: AWD

:small_orange_diamond:KCE Stealth Gray With Black Leather
:small_orange_diamond:2024 Model Year - MY24
:small_orange_diamond:Clear-Coated Carbon Fiber Bonnet
:small_orange_diamond:Lightweight Carbon Fiber Roof
:small_orange_diamond:12 Speaker BOSE Premium Sound System
:small_orange_diamond:Titanium Exhaust
:small_orange_diamond:Front Limited Slip Differential
:small_orange_diamond:Exclusive Recaro Carbon Back Bucket Seats
:small_orange_diamond:Nissan Carbon Ceramic Brakes
:small_orange_diamond:Carbon Front Bumper/Undercover
:small_orange_diamond:Nismo Dedicated Carbon Front Fender
:small_orange_diamond:Carbon Side Sill Protector
:small_orange_diamond:Carbon Rear Bumper
:small_orange_diamond:Nismo Carbon Rear Spoiler
:small_orange_diamond:Nismo Dedicated GT3 Turbine
:small_orange_diamond:Rays 20" Aluminium Forged Wheels
:small_orange_diamond:Front Carbon Lip Spoiler
:small_orange_diamond:Soft Door Close
:small_orange_diamond:Alcantara Steering Wheel
:small_orange_diamond:Alcantara Dashboard Lining
:small_orange_diamond:6 Piston Front Yellow Brake Calipers
:small_orange_diamond:Front & Rear Ventilated Discs
:small_orange_diamond:Rear Carbon Wing
:small_orange_diamond:Wide Beam LED Adaptive Headlights
:small_orange_diamond:LED Daytime Running Lights

:white_check_mark:Total Landing Cost For Kenya: KES.60,000,000 (Inclusive Taxes)
Approx. Import Time: 45 Days


Looks good… but 60M? Nahh

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This is just ridiculous!

We have 2017/17 second hands on the road at a ⅕ the price


60M for a GT-R? No way

No. At my age I prioritize comfort and luxury, not speed. Ingekuwa Long Wheelbase Range Rover SV 2023 model at the right price then yes.


Mimi ni wa lambo ama astorn martin

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I prioritize reliability and simplicity personally. Dream car ni Land cruiser 70series


Ukinunua Range Rover mpya zero mileage you get 5 years/150,000 kilometers warranty. Dealers kama Inchcape watakusort.

Hizi issues za reliability hukuwa mostly from people who aspire to own vehicles they can’t afford to maintain. Even worse, there are more of those types of buyers than the people whose pockets are deep enough for the machine.

Uko sure hizi issues za range rover ni rumours tu?




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I will explain to you as simply as I can. Tuanze na BMW and you will notice a trend. Locally, Kenyans consider BMW to be extremely unreliable. Just visit Baraza’s car forum and you see how they associate the vehicle with flatbeds. Yet, BMW is not considered an unreliable brand in Europe. The only difference between the Kenyan consumer and the European consumer is that the European can afford to maintain the BMW without cutting corners. The typical Kenyan buying the BMW wants to maintain it with a Toyota budget and inevitably it breaks down.

The same logic applies to Land Rover products including the Range Rover. However, the Range Rover’s maintenance costs are too high even for average first world citizens. So by default, most people who buy Range Rovers can’t afford to maintain them. When they cut corners the car breaks down and they blame the vehicle instead of their shallow pockets. I know people who have owned multiple generations of Range Rovers and Discoveries as their daily drivers without issues. If you can’t afford to service the car at a specialist’s garage like Inchcape, don’t buy. Unfortunately, only 1 in like 5 buyers will afford to maintain it. So the other 4 buyers will leave bad reviews about a vehicle they could not afford to maintain.

You can have a very reliable car. But if only 1 in 5 buyers can afford to maintain it according to the manufacturers specifications, the car will get a bad reputation for unreliability.

Then if the issue is maintenance, how are brand new cars breaking down?



huyo jamaa @gaines ni mjuaji wa kila kitu chini ya ii dunia.
unaona vile ana chomoa theories from his anus wakati wewe unawekelea supporting evidence . unaweza sena ako na io Bmw ama range rover.

meffi tupu

You are wrong. Data does not lie. This is how msungus, who are worth over “your $1m”, rank the various car brands. A junk is a junk even if you spend all your cash trying to maintain it. The junks are then shipped to Africa after msungus become tayad of maintaining them. Meanwhile, the msungus rank Toyota and Honda as the most reliable cars ever.



Data CAN lie and obscure the true reason for unreliability. Do you notice the correlation between price and reliability?? It is as clear as day.

The more expensive a car is to maintain, the more likely consumers are to rate is as unreliable. That’s because most consumers buy cars they can’t afford to maintain. That’s why they rate the brands as unreliable.

The first list is dominated by expensive brands and the second list is dominated by cheap brands.

If you buy a luxury car and try to maintain it like a budget car it will become unreliable. Don’t blame the car. Blame your shallow pockets.

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So you know more about cars than the motoring experts in Europe who came up with the data? Do you know anything about cars apart from the 8yr+ old junks dumped in Kenya?

So car owners in Europe have rated the various brands they have been driving and here you are trying to say they are wrong or lying about their ratings? Do you drive a 2023 BMW or 2023 Porsche like those msungus who have done so and concluded that they are junk, and that Toyota is best?

And FYI msungus drive brand new cars that are under a 3yr or 100,000km warranty and so the customers never pay for any maintenance, and therefore their verdict about the cars they drive is genuine, si ati wameshindwa na maintenance.


60 mikes ni ku push sana, Alafu, hutawai enjoy GTR hii kenya. Kwanza, mafuta inataka 100 RON, wewe na methanol fuel boost mtakua marafiki. Secondly, parts, lazima u import, so unaendesha week moja, week tatu ni kungoja parts, Me two cents


Local drivers are enjoying the GTR. Hakuna matata.



@Gaines leta theory ingine sasa, io ya maintenance ime gonga wall kama matako plastic ya vera sidika