Would You Buy Gold From This Guy?


[SIZE=6]Chris Obure charged with assault after gun incident[/SIZE]


No, coz,
[li]Who still wears wide bell shaped ties[/li][li]Who tucks ties into their pants? [/li][li]Why the high waist?[/li][li]Gosh! The color[/li][/ul]


:D:D:D:D:D… WTF!! this is just a front to try and attract mercy from the judg. The cop on the other hand is high on some illegal staff , he can barely see past 3ft in front him.

Because the quality or value of the gold is independent of the dealers dressing or ethical standing

He drives a range rover.

Babu Owino came to the courts to cause Fracas… That guys justifies the ktalk msemo “Ujinga ni kipawa”

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