Would The World Be A Better Place Had Germans Delivered Nukes In The US?

Germans secret plan to flatten US cities were to be achieved through the secretive Flying Wing Horten Ho 229.

The aim of this project was to create a stealth plane of that time that met these 3 conditions.

Horten Ho 229 Flying Wing Stealth Bomber

Germans must have gotten some of their advanced knowledge from other worldly beings. They were doing stuff in the early 1940s that other nations only started doing in the 1960s.

3x1000 Condition
Capable of meeting the “3×1000” requirement; namely, to carry 1,000 kilograms (2,200 lb) of bombs a distance of 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) with a speed of 1,000 kilometres per hour (620 mph).

We would be speaking German and mediocrity would have been a thing of the past or maybe their supposedly superior race would have exterminated negroes like cockroaches.


The American B2 Bomber is an idea that was STOLEN from the Germans.


Partly true and partly false.

If I am not wrong, Germans invented rockets and hence ICBMs, they really messed up London in the 1930s with their targeted rockets. Mercedes Benz, Siemens, Bosch were all heavily involved in WWII just like Ford, Westinghouse, Honeywell and others in the USA and Mitsubishi and others in Japan.

Each region was developing stuff secretly in secret sometimes underground workshops.

But it’s true Germany was ahead of them all

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Ford Fliver 1926


Always copying nature
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USA helped the world by dropping those mushroom babies on Japan cities. Otherwise we would have been exterminated by racist German Nazis

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Logistics problem. They would have to cross the Atlantic and that would give Americans ample time to prepare heavy defense positions. Yeah you can fly 1000kmh but radio communication is instantaneous. Also the US is pretty expansive unlike European cities they were walking over.

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Adolf Hitler suffered from the classic Dictator Tyrant weakness …
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This led to a lack of Focus …
One of the most deadly Sins in War … :blush:

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Their highest hurdle was fuel consumption. This plane was a guzzler.

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