Would India overtake China to become the next superpower?

No chance at all. Nada, zero, none, hakuna

Let me remind you that India’s rise has been predicted for decades (just as China’s downfall) but the optimistic (or pessimistic in the case of China) predictions were always proven wrong.

Despite India’s growth, India’s economy has remained much smaller than China’s and the gap between both has actually considerably widened in China’s favor.

India has been falling behind in the race to develop science and technology to power economic growth

The numbers on this are impressive:

  • China graduates nearly twice as many STEM students as India
  • China spends 2% of its GDP on R&D, India only 0.7%

4 of the world’s 20 biggest tech companies by revenue are Chinese; none are Indian

China produces over half of the world’s 5G infrastructure, India just 1%

China holds 65% of the world’s AI patents, compared with India’s 0.3%

China’s workforce is more productive than India’s because of 996.

I would remind you that while China has completely eliminated abject poverty, India still has high levels of poverty and malnutrition with India having for instance one of the worst rates of child malnutrition in the world surpassing even Africa’s most poor countries.

I would conclude by sharing another famous “oracle” by Lee Kuan Yew himself

Lee, said by “working with successive Indian prime ministers he hoped to help them make India strong enough to be a serious check on China”.

But he “concluded that this was not likely to happen.”


“The combination of India’s deep-rooted caste system that is the enemy of meritocracy, its massive bureaucracy, and its elites’ unwillingness to address the competing claims of its multiple ethnic and religious groups led me to conclude that it would never be more than ‘the county of the future’—with that future never arriving at all.” Lee said

Do not talk about India and China in the same breath ever again

In the early 1990s, no one would imagine China would be where it is today… Never say never…


India needs to stop their citizens fromThrn maybe shitting openly first. Then maybe, we can talk about them having a seat in G7.


India needs to stop their citizen from shitting openly. Then we can talk about them getting a spot on G7

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Open defecation is still a major problem in India just like in @jimit’s village. Indians are shitty and filthy subhumans

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in the wider scheme of things, most countries destiny is determined by who colonized them or which countries have influence over them.
most Asian Tiger countries are under the Influence of America, for instance, in the Regan administration, the USA transferred 70,000 manufacturing companies in China, and that was only the beginning. if these companies would have been dropped in East Africa, today the income per capita would be high.
the poorest countries are those under the influence of France.

Why is France stingy?