Would Europeans Have Welcomed Bonobos Preaching About Ngai, Enkai In Europe In The 1700s & 1800s. Why Did We Accept Their Bullshiet?

Yes, if we had guns and they had bows and arrows

By default, subconsciously their culture is superior to ours it is more attractive than ours that is why westernization is called development, being edgy.
We can’t help it it’s redpill of life. The superior will always suffocate the inferior…

Shida ya Mwafrika ni kuiga yale mambo ya wazungu ya kishenzi, kama eljibitikiu and other morally corrupting ideologies. Religion should as well make sense for your particular situation. Even rituals should fulfill a certain spiritual need, or they’ll become redundant with time. Things that serve no purpose have no place in any culture. This is why cultures change, because those needs change.
I’m all for adopting useful technologies and knowledge, to make life easier (eg. it’s better to use a train to travel across the country than to walk, or to ride an ox cart). If we don’t adopt nonsensical things and behaviour, it is well.

Our gods weren’t stronger than those cows , cats and yesus white cunts brought here