So the other day I was watching Jaymo Ule Msee’s vlog as to why men succeed in chasing women but not in business. I would recommend it if you haven’t watched it.
I had an epiphany of some sort and it got me thinking, it takes too much effort to chase after women.

I will use myself as an example for starters, So let us say you want to bring a woman over to your place during this covid-19 you have to ensure that the fridge is well-stocked coz bitches love to eat, right?, Meaning, a stop at a quick mart and let us say shopping adds up to 3K.

Secondly, you will have to buy drinks and chaser so that you two can enjoy the night properly so let us put that expense at the very least at 1,500.

Thirdly, if you’re fortunate to be driving as myself, they will most likely suggest you pick them up from their place to avoid mats ama uber and contracting covid-19. That translates to fuel utilized and time is taken to pick the bitch up and drop later on. If you have 2000cc fuel guzzler like me then you guesstimate how much fuel that is

Once the package is in your house, you ought to make sure that home fibre and Netflix(Total cost 3,900) are paid for and you have to provide her with a shirt and shorts to wear around the house. Well at least,utapikiwa,uoshewe vyombo and of course upanuliwe miguu 180 later on in the night.

So the morning after, post morning glory and breakfast you have to imply effort in kicking the chic out your house coz we all know how comfortable they get once they are in your house and never want to leave.

I have carefully mentioned effort and quantified all that it takes to fuck just for 10 seconds. I have been fucking an average of 4-6 chics per month and for the few that are blessed to come to my humble house that is the shit I have to go through.

End of rant

Sorry man, it is not worthless though. At least mtu wa petrol station anapata unga, the cashier at the supermarket pia (the fridge is well-stocked coz bitches love to eat), watu wa home fibre and Netflix pia, watu wa kuuza makali (you will have to buy drinks and chaser), and of course the biggest beneficiary is Kunguru. Continue doing what you are doing, you are strengthening the economy, count yourself blessed

[SIZE=1]Mimi siwezi spend that effort and money on kunguru like this piece of shit called Maombi Hodari[/SIZE]

Reality is setting in, eyes opening, rude awakening pap!

I watched it and he made a lot of sense .For me it’s not even about the money but the misdirected effort and energy .If half the energy we use to chase after women was redirected towards profitable ventures and networking ,most men would be very far financially .

exactly man at least you get my point of view.If we’re to chase women,let it be ladies in influential positions like in HR or business not this low value women

Seriously??? If for a “low value woman” you have spent Rexxsimba’s monthly salary for a 10 seconds lay, how much will you spend on “influential positions like in HR”?

Mimi I like her in a miniskirt akiwa kwa nyumba, nambao ajab

So does she come with the mini skirt or do you give her a mini skirt to wear when she arrives

Wewe hatuelewani so bye

Ku mbao si kitu…ni kunyonji :D:D:D:D:D nakufeel buda.

Time to cut my losses

Valid question. Dame hio level anaweza kuwa courteous aji drive to your dungeon with a bottle of her favourite wine or tub of ice cream…hakuji mkono tupu.

Ebu tupatie hekaya ya the 3 bitches of yours @Maombi hodari you go visit their places for lungula and yap about them to us hear year in year out - tell us the energy and effort you used chasing them

Ok let me tell you the plain truth, that influential HR pulling the strings in the company, you don’t know what she had to do to get to the top, what if she is just a pawn in the game? In short, embrace your masculinity, establish connections and business partnership with fellow men. Men are rational and pragmatic.

Anabeba kama vile wao hubeba panty extra

Truth! The low level women whose only worth is the fact that they have a pussy should not be chased as much. Only use minimal effort. any signs of being unwilling or feigning disinterest to make you put in more effort should be repaid by a cold shoulder as you swiftly move to the next target

Iko youtube? Una link yake?

in the very near future, men and women will be paying cheaply (sex toys and self-care) or expensively (other humans or replacing the non-reliable sex toys) for sex.
if you put all your efforts into improving yourself, do that till the end. otherwise, what will change is the type of women you chase and the amount of money you spend.
you will get to a higher income, buy a car over 3000cc, change to faiba internet (10,000 p.m), take lunch or supper at intercontinental and fly the women to your place or even rent a luxurious hotel room.

men spend their lifetime looking for money to spend on women. the difference is the money spent and efort put.


Money circulation. Important for the economy.

As much as I agree that men do put effort when it comes to getting laid, lakini hii yako ni too much. Yaani huwa haungukiangi ata wale wamekupenda, wanataka serious relationships, one night stands, wamekunya panty remover na kadhalika mara kwa mara!? Tell you what, some of them bitches “wanakuambia wanapanda uber only” kuna majamaa anawapelekea mzigo bila demands na infact yeye ndio anapiga simu not the other way round…