Worst Song You've Ever Heard

thats because we cant believe how bad it is we must tell the world. this thing by Vic O is just shitty.

Yop yop yop yop, uhuh, yeh!

Hehehehehe. Mpaka anajaribu c-walk ya Xzibit?

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Hii costume ndiyo niliona ikiwa ya udo sana. But many songs done in native Kenyan languages have monotonous beats and are poorly produced.



I strongly disagree. That’s a good song.


Lakini that singer I can tap that DFHKM. HER SONG JUST HURT MY EARS. Hehehehehehe. One of her lines: ‘Ati unajifanya kunguni, unyonye nani damu’

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The worst rapper in history.


My ears hurt. Hehehehehe. These guys should be shot for torturing us with their crap.

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Watu wa umri wa @FieldMarshal CouchP…anaona hizo graphics anadhani ni za matrix :D:D:D

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Wazimu mwingine huyu. can only dance to it when am drunk stupid


Wah! Hi ni track moja ? 1hr 5mins?

:DThis has to be parody video…hi siamini ni legit

Unajifanya asali ulalaula…You’ve won!

Can we post parodies really? Only “real” talents…

We are looking for people who think they have a shot at a singing career

Youtube is blocked in our office so I cant put a link but there is a song by a south Sudanese guy from Australia amevaa baggy clothes na kofia. I have never heard a worse song than that. The comments are funny too

Hahahaha, I am liking hii mujamaa. Hehe wacha nicheke tena

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Hehe @Unicorn anapenda hii ju ameimba “everybody love mandazi”

Hahaha! Omwami hapo umenimalisa … when jeshush shay yea, nobody can say no