worst massage in town

Hii Nairobiraha has very gud adverts and pics of ladies offering massage services in town. But try to call them ndio uende uwameet trust me u will be disappointed. Jana I called one who has a room in Mang Hotel kufika pale I got a very old smelling mama. can I know of massage joints in tao with young nice cute ladies

you must be very unlucky in your lascivious adventures…since everywhere you go you find old women better kill yourself…

Hehehe hizo online sites huwa jokes. Kwa simu unaskia some old sounding mamiz. The pics are just random downloads and copy-pasted bios.
More than half the time don’t even know what’s on the list of services they offer.

true but do we have any good one in town

Son, a prostitute is a pit, she will spend all your money and energy. invest it somewhere else.


Same for property agents. The pictures of houses they are letting look good. Ukifika kwa the house itself you’d think you’re lost.

have never attempted to do those lanyes found in town…in fact I heard of those funny names of brothel in town from this page

That’s true,

This man is either a serial attention seeker or a psychopath who is addicted to prostitutes and urgently needs help.


@Deorro = @under23 @admin @Electronics4u @kah tony anatafuta traffic

Unataka massage ama unataka pussy coz I think kama ni massage even those oldies can do a great job

Enda lazarus hotel room 205…vitu safi kutoka Tanzania aged between 18 to 24

Traffic ya forum inamsaidia na nini?

Na unajiitaje tena? Si ungechangamkia tu.

yet ni [COLOR=rgb(84, 172, 210)]@mastermwenyewe

We must be a village of social misfits where everyone goes for whores yet there are legit women all over.

@mastermwenyewe tupatane inbox nikupatie number na locations for the best masseuses in town. My girls are the best utatoka hapo with a smile ear to ear

@Grundy when we’re you demoted to a New Villager niliwacha ukiwa Sponsor

That’s true, the old masseuses have very soft and supple hands anakushika unaskia “Oh my what’s going in my trousers”