Worse Than Vietnam Loss, 13 Marines Killed In A Day

They are just overated in movies. Grab your popcorn


I think the Afghanistan invasion was a terrible and costly error in judgement, made by Bush as a knee-jerk reaction to the horror of 911. Biden is scrambling to untangle a sticky situation created long before he came to the Oval office. First, US forces should not have been kept so long in a country where they were never welcome in the first place, but, having overstayed, they shouldn’t have caved in to pressure to just up and go. Obama wisely avoided withdrawing them suddenly, knowing that that would only embolden the Taliban, with disastrous results. (Trump would probably have done worse if he had had a second term). Now Biden has the nasty job of convincing Americans they have to keep fighting a strange war in a foreign country, yet no one can see why.

USA created ISIS and armed them. Goja wafirwe wasikie poa. Leo ni nyama choma na tusker

And yet some stupid guys are saying they are going to invade China or thinking about invading. They try that and it will be the collapse of USA as we all know it.

Caught up in a war btwn isis and taliban. Lord protect those afghanis

Fools that worship the United Sodom of America think China is like Libya or Iraq. China is a US peer with nuclear subs, ICBMs, satellites etc. Attacking China is like attacking former USSR


The draw down should have been planned coordinated with allies and the UN Playing the role of demobilization and reintegration. Walking away simply created a power vacuum that was filled by Taliban and a more vicious group-Isis K.

We are not immune as this developmen has emboldened terrorists around the world. The attack in Tanzania and another one thwarted in Nyali are just a beginning.

There wasn’t a power vacuum. There was the Afghan Army incharge which unfortunately was made up of wimps. Collapsed within 11 days.

leo lazima niboil nyama ya mbuzi

Biden is a mess, tukubali tu. No need to give excuses, ati ooh trump would have done worse in his second term. This is the reason why obama and trump chose not to take a that decision.

Was bound to happen. The US would have had to occupy Afghanistan for 1000 years.

Biden was in a tight spot. Damned if he doesn’t withdraw, Damn if he does. Can’t please everyone. Americans are/were tired of this endless money pit costing more US lives, they had to exit.

lakini goja watombwe, they will make Movies and LIE to us that theu won. Fvck the United Sodom

Withdrawal of US military from Afghanistan is not the problem, The flaw is in the manner in which it was done. The exit plan is woefuly inept

Poorly trained and equipped militias in Afghanistan, Somalia and others always give the might US military a run for their money and lives.

isis will come in with their usual brutality and drama. sectarian violence can worsen things. but likely they may just hide in Afghanistan and plan attacks against interests of whatever power will be controlling world geopolitics in the future, and that is most likely the US for now.

Huyu mzee awachie wauaji kama Hilary hii kazi. Taliban wangekuwa wametii.

American wars are never knee jerk, they are planned. Hapa kuna watu kadhaa walikula proper through military contracts.
Because of how lucrative war is we will keep on hearing about generals and politicians encouraging US president to invade other countries.

Why are you so bitter about the movie making?? It’s not like you are forced to watch plus it’s their own money and market they can as they wish. Stop with this immaturity

Simply because of home field advantage. Afghan is full of mountains and the Taliban know every crook, hole and panya route. Vietnam had jungles and tunnels which Americans were completely oblivious of.

So they go in without knowledge of these advantages? The Americans are just brawn not brains