World's Smallest 4K Portable Projector From High IQ Koreans. LG


Can it replace my tv

Yes, if you have a good internet konnection

Are you a Korean by any chance


Intelligence is equally spread around the world. They just have better systems for exploiting their limited resource of high IQ individuals.

For example it us estimated there are millions of missing high IQ indians given their population size because of a poor education system and general sociatal disorganization due to caste system.

In Kenya, we have the opposite problem. We lower marks for low iq people because they come from areas with low rainfall because we assume high rainfall gives people an advantage and fail to account for high population density as being the statistical reality.

In general low population areas will statistically produce less educationally gifted pupils.

As a result, our schools and institutions are filled will low iq individuals who cannot move the country forward

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