World's biggest sperm donor with 600 kids

Damn, the white man’s sperm is in demand. When women are aborting your chimpanzee kids left and right, there is a white man somewhere who 600 women have chosen to be their sperm donor. Junguuuu all the way.

@TrumanCapote but you can’t have a jungu baby.

The father is a junguu that makes the child junguu. Si if your mom is Luo and your dad is a kyuk, the kids are considered kyuk?

:smiley: If your mom is Luo and your dad is a kyuk, the kids are considered black.
If either parent is black and the other junguu, the kids, and all their descendants, are also considered black, according to the ‘one drop theory’.
… But I’m slowly starting to understand you.
Btw, I’m curious. Are you light or dark complexioned?

What are you understanding? In a patriarchal society kids belong to the dad meaning that if your dad is kyuk and your mom is Luo, you are kyuk. If it’s a matriarchal society like Kyuks you can take your mother’s name. Meaning that your dad can be Luo bu you will be called Mlinda lango Wanjiku giving you a kyuk identity. Understand that!!!

Mlinda lango Wanjiku :smiley: Perish the thought. Anyway, you’re right about patriarchy and matriarchy, but that’s beside the point. Outside the local context, tribal affiliations are meaningless. You are either white or not white.
It should be clear that if you’re not white, you had better start finding pride in your identity based on your culture, but sadly, that’s not what happens. Too many of us think that if they love whites enough, even to the extent of hating themselves, they’re going to become honorary white people. It’s a mirage. The closer you think you are to it, the further away it seems, and there’s a very real cost to taking that route. You lose your dignity, self respect, sense of self worth, your proper identity, and all for what? People who consider you beneath them and never wanted you in the first place.
It’s not too late for you to turn back. You mustn’t let whatever he did jade your attitude for the rest of your life. A chip on the shoulder can be an exhausting and draining burden to carry.

Who is he now? My exes are dead, at least the ones I really loved. How can you feel angry with a dead person?

I just want mixed kids OK? Stop reading too much into it. The same way you prefer matako kubwa or big bust or short. It’s a preference. But kuna chimpanzee flani inanizingua so don’t be shocked if you get me with non white kids. Hizi roho Mungu alitupea wanawake ni nyepesi sana. Cupid can make you love someone you never thought you would love. Stranger things have happened so never say never, pia wewe you can fall for a junguu and it won’t be a loss of dignity, self worth and identity coz love is blind. Time will tell all.

Sorry you lost your soulmates. It’s hard losing someone you once connected with. I can relate.
This mixed kids thing has really caught on with women nowadays. It’s cool, mtoto ni mtoto, I just hope the kids won’t have to pay a price in the future for their mothers’ preferences. For instance having to grow up in an elective single parent household and never getting to know their fathers. Those kids will grow up eventually and these things can wreak havoc on a child’s life as they transition into adults, and probably affect them for the rest of their lives.
As for those non-white kids, we are waiting with bated breath to see them :D. Anyway, it’s enough for me that you’ve agreed to keep an open mind :D.
As for junguu women, I’m not saying never, all I can say is hawananga x-factor. White women are insipid. There’s just something that black women have that white women don’t, and it goes beyond melanin and big backsides :D. But as you said, who knows? Love is blind. I might just get me a white waif one of these fine days.

Atleast you are keeping an open mind. As I am. I had made up my mind with the junguu donor but who is cupid?