World War 3: Iran fires missiles at US Military base in Syria

Iran-backed militants launched another rocket attack on a US military base in Syria on Friday, in a tit-for-tat retaliatory exchange after President Biden ordered “precision airstrikes” on their positions.

[SIZE=7]Iran Strikes US Base With Missiles[/SIZE]

Hapo sawa , wacha ghaseer zilimane

Safi Sana Ayatollah burn dem chi chi boys to hell

American homos anataka kuanza mambo ya democracy iran. Their greed will be their downfall

Someone here said that for US to stop the imminent collapse of the US Dollar, the US will start a war somewhere.

Why the hell does the US have a military base in Syria? Did the Syrian government authorize it?


Boy wa Putin Niko nyuma ya hao vijana ya Ayatollah. Ayatollah bomb those base without mercy. The era of American stealing Syrian oil is coming to an end.

if they had balls they would have targeted an occupied base… hizi ni side shows

Global Terrorist has to be everywhere in the world spreading anal seks

biden should flatten hizo ghassias.

Mashallah. Hail Iran, India, China, North Korea and Mother Russia.

Eliminate them before the whole world smell shit.

Biden people are desperate for distractions to cover massive blunders of the regime

Things are getting thick for the west , Saudi Arabia " looking for" options in China plus Xi and Putin’s friend ship is making things very tricky ,kule west Africa the French wamefukuzwa Kama burukenge ,penda Sana.

Ayatollah afinye hao mashoga kabisa.

Halafu Sisi Monday tukimbize uncle Sam lapdog. Huyo japap wa sugoi ataona Moshi.

SINCE NATO is openly funding Ukraine to fight Russia, Russia should arm/protect Syria , Iran and arm mexican cartels too . tit for tat


Uncle Sam is staging a false flag so that he can have pretense to attack Iran. Same script as Saddam and WMD.