World War 3 (INDIA vs CHINA) ::: New Delhi deploys cruise missiles, howitzers, choppers and Israeli-made drones along border

[SIZE=7][B]India ramps up Himalayan border security after clashes with China[/B][/SIZE]

New Delhi deploys cruise missiles, howitzers, choppers and Israeli-made drones along the treacherous mountain ranges.
An Indian army soldier sits inside an upgraded L70 anti-aircraft gun in Tawang, near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in the northeast Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh [Money Sharma/AFP]

On the winding road up to India’s Himalayan frontier is a postcard view of gushing streams and tranquil lakes, punctuated occasionally by the sight of artillery barrels and military bunkers.
A year after deadly high-altitude clashes with Chinese soldiers, India is ramping up its border defences along a treacherous mountain range that has long been a flashpoint between the two countries.
Arunachal Pradesh straddles the other side of the Himalayas from Tibet and shares a common Buddhist cultural heritage with its northern neighbour.
The Dalai Lama fled through the state in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule in his homeland and has lived in India ever since.
Beijing also claims ownership of Arunachal Pradesh – which it refers to as South Tibet – and briefly occupied most of the territory, three years after the Buddhist leader’s flight, in a short but bloody war.
Tensions have flared again since mid-2020 when troops from both nations fought a hand-to-hand battle further west along their shared frontier in Ladakh, killing at least 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers. soldiers are pictured on a Bofors gun positioned at Penga Teng Tso ahead of Tawang, near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), neighbouring China, in India’s Arunachal Pradesh state [Money Sharma/AFP]
Each side routinely sends patrols into areas claimed or controlled by the other, and India has also accused China of establishing permanent settlements near the border.
“We have observed some infrastructure development on the Chinese side,” Lieutenant General Manoj Pande told journalists during a rare press tour through the region last month.
“That has led to [a higher] number of troops that are now located or placed there.”
New Delhi has responded by scaling up its defences in Arunachal Pradesh, deploying cruise missiles, howitzers, US-made Chinook transport choppers and drones built in Israel.

Hapo hakuna mambo ya world war. China itatomba India vibaya sana.

Hio anti aircraft ni useless against UAVs za China.

Sio kwa ubaya but some of these countries could be as broke as Ethiopia. Uone China’s finest wakitembezwa kaguu kama wamevaa sleepers ati ni prisoners of war.

Back in 2001, Saddam had USSR scud missiles, biological weapons and yes many did believe he had a few Russian nukes… it was not even a war. His soldiers walitoa uniform na wakaenda home ku doze.

Wanaume wa siku hizi hawana adabu. Yaani unaacha Commander in chief auliwe pekee yake.

Wacha wapungue, wamejaa sana uku earth

mnarealise wote wako na nuclear bombs…:smiley:

Nukes are a bit overrated. Do more research on nukes.

Jiulize hivi, they tested thousands of nukes in the past, right?

Si basi dunia ingeisha zamani during the test phase!!!

They even tested the so called Tsar bomber… but the world never stopped rotating.

Stick zile “we wuz kangz” BS zako. Geopolitics wachia experts

The U.S has exploded over 2000 nukes and the USSR close to 1000… but we are still here. No one even noticed.

All you get is a big cloud… that’s it.

Angalia hapa :

The biggest nuke in history the Tsar bomba hydrogen bomb can only destroy within a blast radius of 40 km and only in seconds.

After 5 to 10 minutes if you are outside the 40 km blast radius you can go look and see. In Hiroshima and Nagasaki they started clearing the debris that same day.

The actual fireball of the Tsar bomba only travels 4 km maximum.

what it takes is 3 atomic bombs("ama hydrogen za kim ") kila mtu anapress mute until next war 100 years form now

Nonsense. The fear is fabricated to keep you from acquiring these weapons.

The biggest hydrogen bomb has a blast radius of only 40km.

One scientist said :

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]That is immense destructive power – but as one physicist explained, it’s only “one-thousandth the force of an earthquake, one-thousandth the force of a hurricane”.

Sema tu fear enda tu japan waliamua silent war na anime… Hiding under the covers za biden

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patricia @patco forgets about the most dreadful thing… ‘nuclear fall out’ …itarudisha sisi ice age tuanze cannibalism banae…

usisahau abt the cancers and deformities etc…

There were young Japanese who were on ground zero bomb ikilipuka.

One of them his skin was blown off but after several surgeries he is still alive today. They were discriminated against because people thought that they can give cancer if they touch you. They were known as Hibakusha.

Some of them are still alive. They take iodine pills daily.

Here is one of them. He was right in the blast zone. He survived because his back was to the bomb. Skin was blown off his body. He is an activist against war :

Every evening the Indian soldiers deployed at the border gather together in an open field and take a sh1t together.


Common bonobo forgets if you close your mouth when a nuclear bomb drops your ear drums burst remember watching Morghan Freemans’ sum of all fears ogopa Nuclear.